What is going on? Why did Othello act in such a way? How could Othello do this? I love him! Does he not know that? I thought we were merry? What happened? Why isn’t Othello telling me what’s wronged him? I thought we were lovers; Him and l. Don’t lovers confide in one other? [Sobs] Why did Othello hit me as he did? My dear sweet moor; Vive always loved you and always will! Please talk to me my lord and tell me what has gotten you upset. What thing ere has brought up this quake of anger so strong as to burn all who sheet?

What did I do wrong? [Falls to ground] Waste me Oh Othello who brought this about? Whilst you ever speak a Joyful sound to me again; whilst you ever look me in the eye with the same love and Joy I saw fort night? Why can’t my sweet as pomegranates Othello be back? What whilst this bring for our days tomorrow? Will’s be over? Did I really do something that bad; so menacing that he would feel it right to strike me? And in front of Ladylove no less. Is he sorry at all; for embarrassing me so? For I am soon to crawl under a rock then go be near them again.

Husbands are not supposed to do such things to their wife’s, yes? And what could a wife as myself do so bad to bring this hatred about; to see such a strong eternal fire burning in his onyx eyes; such eyes that burn such passion into my own? [Looks out window] For what brought this about? What will come about now? Should I confront thee and get to the bottom of this seemingly endless pit? No; not ere at this hour. I must talk to his ancient; for they are close yes? Yes! That’s what I’ll do. Master Ago will solve this riddle and fill in the empty pieces. [Exeunt]

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