The three quality approaches which are used by businesses to satisfy customer expectations are quality control, quality assurance and also total quality management. Quality Control is the use of inspections at various points in the production process to check for problems and defects. In order to reduce complaints from customers for the goods and services provided Ripe and Ready Fruit & Vega shall implement monitoring of goods on display and the performance of employees to ensure quality control.

Quality assurance is the use of a system so that a business achieves set standards in production. The system that is to be used by Ripe and Ready Fruit & Vega is one which involves selecting only the best produce from goods bought. Total quality management is an ongoing, business-wide commitment to excellence that is applied o every aspect of the business’s operation. The focus of Ripe and Ready Fruit ; Vega is the customers and their satisfaction huge efforts are put in to the acquisition to the resources through to the delivery to the goods to the customers.

The implementation of total quality management can improve the price competitiveness of the business and the quality of the products provided to attain competitive advantage. 6. Impact on ultimate business success The goods, production processes and quality management involved in the running of Ripe and Ready Fruit ; Vega all have an impact on the ultimate success of the equines as it deals with the quality of the goods and services provided to the customers in order to satisfy their needs and wants.

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By acquiring the goods from markets it ensures that it is only the freshest of produce giving the business an advantage over potential competitors in the area. As it is a fairly new business and the chances of competitors in the same district very high it is important that total quality management is continuing adapting in order to improve and excel all aspects of the business to maintain a competitive edge over competitors. Part B: Marketing 1 . Target market for products Target market refers to a group of customers with similar characteristics who presently, or who may in the future, purchase the product.

There are three main types of approaches towards identifying your target market; the mass marketing approach, market segmentation approach and an extension of the latter is niche marketing. Ripe and Ready Fruit ; Vega uses the market segmentation approach as the products sold are mainly for those which are above 21 and provide for themselves. 21 is the age at which most young people leave their parent’s home and find a home for themselves and is the age at which they provide for themselves and eve a stable financial state. 2.

Details of marketing strategies Product – Ripe and Ready Fruit & Vega offers a large variety of high quality fruit and vegetables for the use of customers. A group of employees will be assigned the task of the acquisition of the goods which will be from the Sydney Markets ensuring that the produce will be of the freshest and highest of standards for the customers. Price – The pricing of products is reasonably fair and are raised and lowered in accordance to the prices of our competitors and the ease in which the products are acquired as some goods can be out of season and will be more expensive than those which are “in season”.

Correct pricing is essential as if the price is set too high it could result in lost sales and if the price is set to low it may give customers the impression that it is a “dodgy’ product and that the business is not to be trusted. Promotion – the promotion of a business such as Ripe and Ready Fruit ; Vega will largely involve word – of – mouth, the use of social media sites such as Faceable, Mainstream and Twitter and adds in the local newspaper close to the big stories in order to ensure a lot people will see the advertisement.

Place – this involves the way n which the product gets to the customer. The product will be placed in the shop in Main Street, Blacktops. This area has a high level of traffic which will improve the chances of sales and profits for Ripe and Ready Fruit ; Vega. 3. Impact on Ultimate business success The business’s success relies heavily upon the marketing strategies implemented. The use of inappropriate marketing strategies will result in a decline in profits and capital which will lead to the eventual closing of the Ripe and Ready Fruit & Vega.

The marketing strategies shown will ensure the business’s success in the long term. The marketing strategies that are implemented will ensure customers receive high quality, high standard fruit and vegetables at a reasonable price. The location of the store will ensure good sales as it is located in an area with high consumer traffic. The promotion strategies implemented will be sufficient for the short term, but as it builds its revenue then it will be possible to invest in better and more effective promotion strategies.