Sights and Sounds on Your Way to School A cool breeze brushed against my face as I stepped out of the house. Inhaling a deep breath, I could smell the fresh misty air of yet another day. It smelled of mint toothpaste and perfectly ironed crisp white uniforms. I looked out to the view, a frown forming on my face. I could see birds flying around in the sky, chirping away. How I wish I could be like them, having no care in the world. “Ding! ” The elevator sounded, snapping me out of my thoughts. I entered it and punched the ‘1’ button as the door closed.

With a sigh, I am on my way to school. I stepped out of the elevator, Just to see my friend, Hewn, tapping her feet impatiently as she shrieked, “you are late! ” Hewn always wait for me before going to school together. I apologized profusely as we made our way to the Orchid Light Rail Transit (ALERT) station. On my way there, my stomach was growling non-stop. That was my punishment waking up late and not having breakfast. I could smell the rich aroma of freshly baked bread nearby, causing my mouth to water. I wanted so badly to get to those breads!

However, knowing that I will be late if I went to buy bread, I pushed the thought away. Ignoring my stomach, l, along with Hewn rushed up the never ending stairs of the ALERT station. The scene of an overly crowded platform greeted my eyes. Apparently, the previous train broke down and all of its passengers have alighted here. While waiting for the next train to arrive, I scanned the surroundings. The platform had many people from all walks of life. There were students with drooping eyelids, who were carrying their bulky school bags. They looked as though hey may fall asleep anytime.

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There were adults, mostly dressed in smart business attire. They wore a blank face. Maybe, to them, it was Just another uneventful day. “Train arriving, pleas step behind the yellow line,” a voice from the speaker said. Finally, the train came. Everyone squeezed into it and the doors closed shut. The train was as packed as sardines. I could smell the heavy smell of cologne coming from a man next to me. That sent me sneezing throughout the whole train ride due to my sensitive nose. Soon, Hewn arrived at our stop, where we alighted to transfer o bus.

While we ambled to the bus stop, Hewn and I gossiped about the latest news going around at school, rumors and ranting about the teachers and homework. While waiting for the bus 107, I noticed that the road was filled with many honking vehicles. The drivers looked tired; some even have dark rims Just below their eyes. Cars were moving at tortoise speed due to the heavy traffic that day. Awhile later, the bus 107 came. Fortunately, it was not as crowded and we were able to board the bus. As I entered it, the coolness of the air conditioning on the bus hit me.

It feels so nice to have cold air all around you,” I silently thought to myself as my face formed a blissful expression. Hewn looked at me, clearly amused by my reaction. The bus was half filled with many students from schools from my neighborhood. Most of them are buzzing away in their conversations. Soon, after more than half an hour’s time of traveling, we finally arrived at school! Hewn and I walked into the school gates Just in time before the school bell rang. At that time, the sky was a borderless flow of clarity, holding light in its invisible hands. It was yet the start of a ‘ran new ay SC 00.