Hence, the panoramic beauty of the park and the rich heritage of the Aboriginals can be connected to introduce an customize service in that region. The authority has specified zones within the park for recreation and conservation, which can be used to deliver guided echo-tours that will introduce the tourists with the Dreaming Stories and natural beauty of the park. Besides that a number of peripheral services can be offered such as photography exhibition, publication of Dreaming Story books, bird-watching session and so on. However, a current proposal of constructing a highway along the area can threaten the environmental sustainability.

Also, bushfire is another legitimate threat which might hurt the number of visitors. Increased arbitration and industrialization along with the concern regarding global warming can also significantly affect the future of the project. However, the service concept asserts that the organization will offer flexible and customized guided tour experiences. This report found out that there is an opportunity to introduce a sustainable guided tour package in the Beeline park region. This guided tour can effectively integrate elements of local ‘Dreaming stories’.

The main potential target markets for this service are senior citizens, young professionals and academic interest parties. According to the service concept, the tours will be available for different lengths, will be tailored for different interest groups and will preserve the sustainability in terms of culture, economy and environment. Section 1: Introduction The basic idea of the business is to offer a specially designed echo-tour package on the basis of dreaming stories of aboriginals. This tour will be operated in the region of Western Australia, more specifically in the vast wetland, which is known as The

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Beeline Regional Park. Statement of the purpose The purpose of the service is to create a guided tour offer that will introduce the natural and cultural heritage of the region to a wide audience and will develop a customized experience for tourists that is sustainable in terms of environment, local economy, and culture. Objectives The broad objective of this paper is to introduce the concept of a customized echo- tour service that will serve as a unique cultural and environmental experience for tourists. The specific objectives are: Create the concept of a guided echo-tour in The Beeline Regional Park. Define the target market Define the core service and the peripheral services. Assess the impact of current and future factors that are important for the service Develop a service plan for the guided echo-tour. Report structure overview The first part of the report introduces the concept and purpose of the study. Then the organization is described in brief along with the service description. The third part identifies the target market segments, developed on the basis of Heist’s Strategic Service vision. The fourth part of the paper takes a brief look at three rent issues that may have significant impact on the business.

Also, the potential impact of three other issues is assessed. In the fifth part, the service concept is developed to present a clear structure of the service. The last part of the paper sums up the total discussion and draws the conclusion. Section 2: Organization overview The name of the proposed organization is ‘Lucid Dreams’. This name refers to the ‘Dreaming Stories’ of the local aboriginals which is an important element of local culture. Also, the word ‘lucid’ which literally meaner clear, refers to the placid and Lear water of the lakes of that region.

Description of operations Along the way of the city of Cookbook, there is a vast area consisting of small and big lakes. Within the Beeline Regional Park, there are 19 lakes in the western and the eastern chain (Dooley et al. 2001). These lakes exist on the low areas of between the Darling Scarp and the Indian Ocean. This area and the lakes are very instrumental in the culture and lifestyle of the Aboriginal people. Firstly, these lakes are the source of food and water for the migrating Aborigines (Storey et al. 1997). Secondly, the wetland is the origin of many life and ‘Dreaming stories’ of the Aboriginal people.

The Dreaming or the Djakarta refers to the mythical incident from the Australian Indigenous people when the ‘Ancestral Beings moved across the land and created life and significant geographic features’ (Australia Government, 2008). The wetlands spawned two particular Dreaming Stories- the story about Waggle, a serpent-like spiritual entity and the story about lordlier giving fire stick to the Angora people. Hence, the spiritual importance of these lakes is immense and there are many ways to present the rich cultural and spiritual aspect of the Aboriginals paving here. From another perspective, this area is blessed with flora and fauna.

It is the habitat to different types to birds as well. So, the operations of ‘Lucid Dreams’ will be centered around the representation of these cultural and environmental richness. The first thing is to design and develop different tours based on the cultural and environmental elements of this area. The next operational process is the marketing of the offer and then we have to consistently measure the sustainability of the service and improve the performance. Also, the tours need to be customized according to the response of the audience peeping the sustainability issue intact.

Bundle of services As already mentioned, the broad service we are offering is the echo-tours in the wetlands area of The Beeline Regional Park. Here, the term ‘customize’ needs to be explained. Conventional tourism is observed to have negative impact on the environment and the local community (Newswomen et al. 2002). Hence, the idea of customize is put forward as a result of global concern for the protection of environment. The core concept of customize is the practice of tourism which offers responsible travel to natural habitats conserving the environment and the ecosystem Newswomen et al. 2002).

Customize is not Just about preventing harm to the environment, it is operated to improve the environment. The core services and the peripheral services of Lucid Dreams are discussed in the following sections. Core service Offering two different echo-tours based on the themes of Aboriginal Dreaming stories and the wetland environment. The length and the elements of the tours will vary depending on the tour package and the audience. Peripheral services The peripheral services are described below. 1 . Multimedia display of Dreaming stories, describing the significance of these Tories in Aboriginal culture, presented with the native art. 2.

Publication of books on Dreaming Stories. 3. Exhibition of local arts and artifacts. 4. Exhibition to wetland will t cilia e photography. 5. Museum-style display of local history and the relationship between the environment and the local people along the course of myth and history. 6. Bird watching tours one the lakes. Feasibility of the project Now the question regarding the feasibility of offering this service is important. According to the Department of Conservation and Land Management, Lucid Dreams is a feasible project. The Department of Conservation and Land Management is responsible for the maintenance and conservation of this area.

According to the Department, there are five management zones within the Beeline Park (Dooley et al. 2001), which are: 1 . Conservation and protection 2. Natural environment use 3. Recreation 4. Sport and recreation 5. Special use Hence, there’s a scope of running the service under the zone of conservation and protection, and recreation (see Appendix 1). Section 3: Target Market Customers After having decided on the business concept and offerings, it is imperative to understand the potential target market. Heist’s Strategic Service Vision (SSP) is a widely used tool to identify the target market customers.

The four categories of elements of Strategic Service Vision are presented in the diagram below: Diagram 1: Elements of Strategic Service Vision (Chase and Hayes 1991) The target market segments for Lucid Dream is developed answering these questions. 1 . The common characteristics of the market segments are concern for environment, respect for indigenous culture, ability and interest to experience new things, and the drive to contribute in environmental improvement. . Both demographic and cryptographic dimensions can be applied to describe the target markets.

Demographic segmentation can be: a. Senior citizens b. Young professionals aged between 20 to 35 c. Affluent Europeans and North Americans Blending the cryptographic dimensions with these segments, we can develop more specific market segments. Senior citizens from Baby-boomer generation, who have enough money and the willingness to experience new culture and rich natural attractions. Young professionals, who are concerned about environment and love to see new wings, make new connections and contribute to the betterment of environment and conservation of native culture. Ђ Anthropologists, Historians, Environmental Activists, Biologist and other people with a related academic background, who are interested to learn about Dreaming stories and the wetland ecosystem. 3. As the market of senior citizens is quite large and will continue to grow even larger in next few years, this is a very important potential market. Also, young professionals now value experience over money and that’s why they spend a significant part of their earning on traveling. Indeed, backpacking has become a way of life already.

Thirdly, the segment of Anthropologists, Historians, Environmental activist and other people with academic interest about the local people and wildlife will not be a large segment, comparing to the first two segments. But in terms of building goodwill and getting known across the media, this segment is very important. 4. The possible needs of the market segments include traveling new places, learning about the Aboriginals, studying the culture of the native people, conserving the habitat and ecosystem and so on. 5. These needs can be addressed through . Asking the tours an unique experience, b. Conserving the environment and the biodiversity c. Engaging the Aboriginal people in a positive way with the service The organization will carry on the tasks. However, the Aboriginals will be major stakeholders to help the organization to execute everything properly. This organization has a number of stakeholders and there are issues which may have current and future impact on the organization. Three current issues Three current issues that are have an impact on the area right now and will affect the service as well, have been discussed below.

Threat of road construction North and Birr Lake are two of the most attractive natural tourist destinations in the Beeline Park. But there has been a plan of constructing Roe Highway Stage 8 besides the lakes (CAW, 2013). If a highway is constructed, it will bring more traffic and increase the level of chaos. In that case, sustainability will be very hard thing to achieve. There is already a movement going on to stop the construction of the road. However, in our planning, we will avoid the area that is likely to be affected by the road. Bushfire Another issue is the occasional bushfire in the area.

The potential tourists might get scared from the news of bushfire and thus it will have negative impact on the environment. There was an incident of bushfire on east of the Okinawa Freeway on Barrington Road in Beeline in last January as well (Foulard 2013). In order to ensure security against any such incidence, Lucid Dreams will not use any combustible material. Also, protective measures against fire will always remain available. Reverberation project Beeline Park lost a portion of its green due to drought, bushfire and human act over the last two or three decades.

However, reverberation project NAS been taken by Government and even individuals. People are planting trees in order to regain the greenery of the area Monsoons, 2012). Lucid Dreams welcomes the reverberation and will contribute to it by sharing a portion of profit spend on reverberation. Three factors that have future implications There are many factors that can potentially impact the service in future both in positive ways and in negative ways. Arbitration Cookbook, the adjacent city to Beeline Regional Park has a current population of almost 90 thousand (Census Quickest, 2011).

Just 10 years ago, the population was 66 thousand. This rapid growth of population is demanding more arbitration, which in future may threaten the sustainability of Beeline Park. While more arbitration may mean more visitors, it may affect the sustainability issue. We will adopt sustainable practices to integrate arbitration with environmental protection. Industrialization It is difficult to conserve ecological balance when industries pollute the air and water. The sub urban area around Beeline Regional Park has a major light industrial zone.

If the industry grows in future, it will challenge the sustainability of the region. Lucid Dreams demands that the industrial waste must be treated in an environmentally way and will participate in any attempt taken to reduce the impact of industrialization. Climate change Climate change is a global concern. Due to climate change, the environment is getting affected and the natural ecosystem is being interrupted. The incidence of bushfire is more frequent now, and the increased temperature is one of the reasons. There’s little Lucid Dreams can do to reverse climate change.

However, as a sustainable organization, Lucid Dreams will be refrained from any practice that might eave negative impact on the climate. Section 5′ Service concept In order to design a new service, a number of decisions have to be made to take it from the stage of idea to the stage of delivery. Service concept is a simple yet effective way to summarize a service and conceptualize it properly. Weakest (1986) advocated that service concept is the process in which the organization Wicked like to have its services perceived by its customers, employees, shareholders and lenders’. Service concept basically outlines the elements of a service package.

For the service of Lucid Dreams, the service concept is as below: Ђ serves only guided tours in Beeline Regional Park of Australia uses Dreaming Stories of the Aboriginals and the unique environment of the wetland as the main focus of service design tours are available in different lengths, ranging from 4 hours to 1 week service is committed to the conservation of the ecosystem specifically tailored guided tours will be available targeting specific audience Section 6: Conclusion Lucid Dreams is not a breakthrough service idea, but it is a timely one considering the concern about the impact of tourism on the environment.

Beeline Regional Park is ICC with both biological diversity and cultural heritage. Lucid Dreams is an attempt to create a bridge between these two attractions of this region and with the process of doing this, the service aims to improve the environment of the region.