If you Google “Student Professionalism” on the internet, many links for school codes will come up and almost each and every one will be different. How is it that there are so many different interpretations of something that sounds so simple to understand and perform? There are many different types of schools out there so a set of student conduct codes, or how to act professional, that are set damnable to one learning facility might not be acceptable in another. In a highlights setting coming to school with visible tattoos and smelling like tobacco might be acceptable, but at Indiana

University School of Nursing it states in their requirements for all students that all tattoos must be covered and must not have the smell of cigarettes on their person. With that shows that student professionalism may vary upon setting. The definition of student professionalism varies to where it is applied in order to be successful in the various settings. Student professionalism is a set of student conduct rules that one should follow by. Professionalism implies respect and courtesy towards one another to best encourage and give catheter the chance to strive and be successful.

However, it doesn’t Just end in the classroom. You never know who is listening or watching you so your in the hallways of school is also key to proper professionalism. Student professionalism might be the simplest thing such as waiting for the other person to finish speaking before giving your opinion or idea. Its these little expectations that many schools and universities strive to get out of their students and future graduates Not only is it important to have professionalism in the classrooms, but it is beneficial to have these codes of conduct in the workplace as well.

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How we perform ND act is very crucial to success in the work place and life. During a business trip when you meet a business partner you don’t give hugs and kisses because its unprofessional so a simple yet stern handshake and a show of your pearly whites is sufficient. You are constantly learning all through out life so student professionalism is in my opinion, very important everywhere that you go. Whether learning how to factor a paranormal equation or the rules to a game of beer pong at a house party, it is important to always be respectful and courteous to the teachers that we meet daily.