The video shown, with its main topic women has a purpose to provide its viewers myriad fascinating facts and statistics about the changes and developments that have impacted women in the labor force and to aid people concede the contribution of women. Women have come from a very long Journey when they were once being neglected, suppressed and set back in many aspects of their lives. Now, the tides have changed. Over the past few decades, women have been like little birds flying but haven’t been noticed by anyone yet. However, those were all in the past.

To encode what the video has showed, women are now soaring on eagle’s wings, noticed and appreciated. As of the 21st century, women are now being treated as equals to men in all aspects of their lives, be it education, career choices, politics or even being as a working parent. To back all these up, there have been increasingly many female leaders all over the globe which includes Angela Marker, Chancellor of Germany and the current president of Brazil, Dilemma Rousseau who are two of the most influential women in the world as of 2013.

Without a doubt that the video was well one, with a positive message to convey but there were areas which were not up to par and will be pointed out later. Of the many strengths of the video, the strongest is that the video depicts the versatility and capabilities of women. This was clearly shown by the video when it was showing the many contributions of women in the sass which all of humanity is enjoying as of now. In addition to that, the video acknowledged the many aspects in life women were neglected from which are now recognized and appreciated such as the social, political and economic aspects.

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Also, Kronor did an amazing Job putting he video together with very minimal words and full of illustrations so that it could be understood easily by the public be it children or adults. Conversely, all good things have to come to an end. As mentioned above, there were unsatisfactory areas that had to be pointed out. The video producer failed to see that there are many more noteworthy women of other ethnicity. The video focused entirely on European and Caucasian women.

Concentrating primarily on European and Caucasian ladies whose culture are more open to changes and acceptance without a doubt makes an impact o the world but if the examples given were ladies from a more conservative background, the acknowledgement and recognition from the public would have been bigger. The remarkable Ann Outsmart was the co-founder of the stem cells in the human bone marrow which is a huge lead to finding the cure to cancer which is a huge predicament to the society these days.

If this remarkable lady was added into their list of great female inventors, then the focus won’t be solely on Caucasian women and with this, the Asians will have someone to be proud of, someone they can look up to and someone they can relate too. The video also mentioned that currently, 1 of 3 business firms in the United States are owned by women. However, they failed to explain the sectors these women ventured into be it a women orientated business or a stereotypical masculine business.

It’s a flaw because if a women tries too hard to be in a more man suited business, they will never be able to do as well as men can due to the lack in their physical capabilities. On the other hand, if women were to work in an environment that stresses less on physical competences, they would excel. So, the environment women are working in makes a difference and this is something he producer of the video overlooked. Lastly, there was an example used which the video showed which wasn’t practical.

The video showed that Carmen would drive their children to school and she said that she need not worry about the safety of her twins anymore. Does this mean that she makes her twins wear Several vests and helmets to school? That isn’t practical at all. Carmen wouldn’t have made their children wear Several even after it was created. However, she will still worry for her family because all mothers have a natural protective instinct which will always worry or their children as long as their children isn’t by her side.

In the case of fire, the Several won’t protect her children. Instead, it will restrict the movements of her children and be a threat to them as an average Several vest would definitely weigh above 4 pounds which is approximately egg for a minimal protection vest. In conclusion, the video has many parts which the producer overlooked but it has brought a very positive message by bringing awareness to the public. Women have definitely risen from their comfort zones and ventured into new waters to achieve all they have accomplished to be where they are now.