The drama I watched that I am going to talk about is called “Romeo & Juliet”. The drama has so many characters. But the drama focuses on two main characters called Remote and Juliet. Well, I liked how the drama setting because back then people didn’t like each other. So the drama shows how Caplet family hates Montague family. The Caplet family had a beautiful girl. Her name is Juliet. And the Montague family had a boy named Remote. The story shows a conflict between a love story. Which is that Remote liked a girl named Rosalie. But Rosalie was sent to convent.

The other part I liked in this drama is how a guy goes to a party and falls in love with a girl from the party because it still happens in today love story. Remote friends took Remote to a party to fix up his mood. They went to a Caplet dance party. Juliet was the main person leading the party. Remote has an eye lock with Juliet and they both fell in love with each other. Another think I liked in this drama was that how two males like one female. In the drama there was a huge conflict because Remote wasn’t the only men ho like Juliet but Paris as well like Juliet.

I liked how the drama has a fight scene because we all know that most of love story involve a fight. In the drama there is a character named Table. Who is brother of Juliet. He wanted to fight Remote so badly but he didn’t because Remote had denied him. Remote and Juliet was in so love that they decided to get married. To take their love to the next level. What was interesting was that as they both decided to get married the nurse was also happy with that decision because the nurse believed that this will help to finish the heathens between both of he family.

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The part I didn’t like was that Remote and Juliet decided to get married secretly wit out telling anyone. I think that decision was wrong because it usually help to build heathens not love. Also I didn’t like how Table wanted to kill Remote after he found about the plan. I think that he should have told them that what they are doing isn’t right and show them the right path. I didn’t like how Table wanted to involve violence. I like how Romeo friend named Mercuric was a supportive friend. I say that because he fights Table on behalf of Romeo.

He was the one to but his life in danger for a friend. This shows the value of friendship. Mercantile was killed. What I enjoyed reading this part was how the nurse give Juliet medicine that makes her to sleep for 24 hours so she doesn’t gets married to Paris. I didn’t like how Romeo thought that Juliet was died but she wasn’t because she took the pill, so Romeo killed himself. And when Juliet finds out that her husband is died, she themselves because of confusion. I believe that someone should had told Romeo about the plan that Juliet is taking a pill to be asleep for 24 hours.

As Juliet wakes up after the 24 hours sleeping, she find her husband dead. So, she takes her on life away. The ending was sad but I liked how the death of Romeo and Juliet bought peace between the families. Overall, the drama was well written. But in my opinion that he ending could have been different such as the both families agrees and get Romeo and Juliet married instead of getting them kill. I don’t think it’s necessary for in most case for love couples end of sacrifice there life by killing themselves to express the love. The drama was written according to the time period.