On Holster Manifesto “This is your life. Do what you love and do it often,” the first three sentences in Holster Manifesto that I agree to. That statement is what Vive mostly read in social networking sites. Some of us see this statement as we can do anything we want, gaining all freedom, who cares, but some view this that what you enjoying is, do it, follow your heart, it’s your life. Life is simple but we people complicates it. Making life hard to live, over analyzing t.

Appreciate what we have. Stop doing things that’s not agreeing to your heart and mind. Love and believe in yourself. Do things accordingly and you’ll achieve your dreams and goals. Sometimes in our Journey we succeed sometimes we fail. Their parts of learning that will make us grow and will enable us to handle the challenges life has to offer. And to this statement “If you’re looking for the love of your life, stop”. I agree to that for it will Just come on the right time and in the right place.

Wait for it and do first what you love and eventually you’ll Just realize life is more enjoyable if you do your will. Trying new things isn’t bad. Be open to learn, explore, and experience more life, its part of growing. Create good memories with the people around you for memories will not fade though people change. Cherish every moment and take every opportunity, as it is the last one. Do your best in everything you do. Be an inspiration to others, share what you have, help others reach their dreams.

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We don’t do things to impress others but to express ourselves. As I reflect to this series of advice from Holster Manifesto, I realize that it’s not yet the end nor late to change things that I should enjoy while I’m alive. I like to ponder this: “Life is short. Live your dream. Ad wear your passion. ” We only live once, fears shouldn’t come along in doing what we want. Conquer it and do your passion, your dream. You’ll gain no regret if you’ve tried. Do things that count.