Sylvester Sign Language Reaction Paper 09/10/2013 The Sound and Fury Being a deaf is one of the most rare and difficult situation for many people. Many people have not experience being a deaf or even have deaf related or even have a deaf friend and that what makes deaf being ignored by these normal people. Deaf people have created their own community. Living in this community makes their lives a lot easier than lives in our community.

I have never ever experience living or paving a friend who is a deaf, but knowing about their lives was one of my most wanted things. Watching this documentary about these two families have opened my eyes about who these people could communicate with others. These two families had the same situation with their children but one of them was negative while the other was more open mind. First, Heather’s family. The father (Heather) wanted so badly his daughter to stay and don’t implant the cochlear device, While the mother wasn’t sure about that decision.

She wanted first to see if she could herself have that device but was too hard because of her age. However, after a while they finally decided to not implant the cochlear device for their daughter and the daughter agreed with them especially after they moved to the other city where most of the people were deaf. On the other hand, the other family, where Peter was the son and he was too young and implanting the cochlear device at that age will have a great result likely.

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His parent’s wanted so badly to give him that device while his grandparent’s were not tit their side. They wanted to keep him living in deaf community. After a while his parent’s decided to implant the cochlear device for him and the surgery was successful and effective. After a month the result was as they wished and the kid could hear. In my opinion, the first family. I could understand their fear about how their daughter could become in the future and she might forget the sign language. But they should have given her all the opportunities.

They had affected her decision y moving to the other city, even though, she was happier over there, but she was not old enough to make her own decision. They should have though more about her future. Live is not easy as how it used to be when her parent’s were growing up. They could let her live on both worlds even though if it was hard for her. On the other hand, the second family made the best decision as I can imagine how could be the live for that child in the future. They were thinking about his live and future more than about themselves and their society.

They now gave him more opportunities to live with. Now he hears and even learns how to talk and deal with the normal people. As I have mention above live is getting more difficult. And people should think more about their new born deaf kids. They should give them all the opportunities. Being a deaf for the deaf people is fine but could limit their lives and make them being ignored by other people. The second Tamil did the surgery not because they d accept the deafness, but because they wanted their son to have a better future.