Distribution and sell in IT product 9. Market analysis & promotional scheme of agro product 10. Market Development for High Performance Computing 11. Market Mapping Study Of Domestic Air Purifiers In India 12. Market Research & Analysis into the Pneumatic Tools Industry 13. Market Research For Frozen Peas in Pun City 14. Marketing research for ERP system in school 15. Revising Marketing Strategy for the Brand Green Magic 16. Secondary research on RIFF market in Indian industries 17. Selling & Marketing of Lip’s 18. Study of Consumer Perception on Different Brands of LCD ; LED 19.

Study of customer responses towards financial products and selling financial product 20. Study of Integrated solution for pharmaceutical industry ; identification of potential key accounts 21 . Study of market potential of Wigmaker along with Hp plotters engineering and civil sector of Pun 22. Study of the scope of expansion of HOST 23. The study of best car in sedan segment 24. To find market potential for the software Sharpening 2010 25. To study the effective mass media promotion for Bastard’s Business 26. To study the popularity of apparel brand among youth(males) 27. To study users behavior towards mobile advertising