Film Reflection Movie: Pride and Prejudice This film was based on a book with the same title by Jane Austin. I read the book before and I had been longing to watch the movie; finally, I got a chance to do it. My overall impression about this film was that it was quite similar to the original one. The main casts were chosen very carefully and suitable for the characters in the book. In my opinion, I would give it 8. 5 out of 10. I think this film was quite successful in getting its message across to the audience.

There have always been pride and prejudice in every society, no matter how civilized it is. From the old times up to now, it has always been very easy to feel too proud about oneself and think low of others. This has been a common disease not only in prosperous people but also in many of middle class and working class. Meanwhile, social prejudice is a popular one, too. People often tend to use their personal judgment on others when they view anything. Sometimes this is unfair because their awareness may be distorted by many wrong and hasty perceptions.

To overcome the ad effects of the “pride and prejudice”, it is important that everyone should be open to others, think from different perspectives and set aside enough time to understand the true value of others. This could probably be the main message from the author to the audience which made up the literacy and humanity values of both the book and the movie. The two main characters in the movie represented quite precisely the two main issues the producers intended to point out in the movie: the “pride and prejudice”. Mr..

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Dairy, a proud and indifferent rich noble, always looks down on people of lower lass while Leslie (Elizabeth) is a prejudiced girl of middle class. The meetings between these two stubborn people were filled with many misunderstandings which often led to an uncomfortable and unfriendly atmosphere between them. This situation would have never been changed if one of them had not fallen in love with the other. It was this strange love which played an important role in creating the climax for the movie. The strong and rapid growth of love from Mr.. Dairy forced him to break all the barriers between him and Elizabeth.

That this man changed himself o express his passionate love for the girl made her begin to see him in a different way. As time goes by, she came to realizing that he was not as bad as she assumed before. At the end of the film, she admitted her heavy prejudice on him and finally accepted this man’ heart. That was when the problem was solved. Personally, I like the ending of this film a lot because it was not only happy but also meaningful. Although near actors and actresses to the till were not dully portrayed, all to them together helped to draw a colorful and complete picture which partly contributed to he success of the film.

The loves of three daughters in Bennett family were three typical types in society at that time: the love of the oldest one was love at first sight, the second love of Elizabeth and Dairy was gradual love built on mutual understanding and the love of the youngest one was immature love of youth. The time of the film was the Western society in 18th century. The producer was successful in creating an appropriate atmosphere which was able to bring the audience back to the old times of England. The vision of old castles was really strange ND breathtaking to me, as an individual from the East never knowing about the scene in this country.

I was excited to view a lot of new sights and objects I’d never heard about. The lighting was good and romantic enough with melodious and sweet music background. Especially, the scene of the kiss between two main characters at the end of the movie was spectacular because the angle of the sunshine made it so romantic. This made me feel like the sun has shined in these two people’ hearts sweeping away all the pride and prejudice that prevent them from coming close to ACH other’s true nature.

One more favorite thing in this movie from my opinion was the theme music. I have a strong preference for the music played by the piano so I was very impressed by the sweet and smooth sound in the background. In brief, I think I was quite satisfied with the quality of this movie so it was worth it to spend two hours watching it from the very beginning scenes to the very last ones. In my opinion, the movie was successful in expressing most of the ideas from the original work by Jane Austin in a lively and interesting way to the audience.