The setting of this retrieve art session will be in a safe and calming community centre environment. B. An explanation of why the program is appropriate for this target group Creative art can help provide an empowering outlet, where the telling of a battered women’s experience does not have to be spoken aloud, but can be communicated through the language and redirection to creative art thinking. Creative art can also be a way of assisting survivors or current domestic violence sufferers to: – Safely express and contain there sometimes difficult ; frightening feelings- Cope with traumatic memories and triggers

Support emotional stabilization and strengthen a sense of safety- Empower themselves in a group setting C. Explain how group members or potential members are being involved in planning for the group The group planners will involve participants and potential participants by holding an informal meeting at the first session. If group members are feeling nervous and reserved an ice breaker exercise may be used to get the group comfortable ; started. The meeting will be held to brainstorm ideas ; to discuss activities to be engaged in.

The participants shall also come up with ; agree upon group agreements e. . Rules and responsibilities to the group such as: * Punctuality e. G. Group start time * Respecting all members of the group * Commitment to the group * Confidentiality of group members AIMS

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