Miranda English 1, Per. 3 Mrs.. Mecum Personal Narrative “The happiest place on Earth,” the loud speaker announced, as we walked into the gates of Disneyland. My best friend, Megan and l, were going to Disneyland for the very first time all by ourselves. Our moms’ were going to be hanging out at the hotel across the street, downtown Disney, etc and wanted us to check in with them by text message every hour. “Look at all these hot guys,” Megan whispered into my ear. Mirrored so lame,” I remarked and I turned around to look at who she was referring to.

I quickly learned that our map skills are horrible! We were given one of those little dude maps to all the “lands” when we entered the park. However, we Just couldn’t seem to figure out where things were, so we decided we’d Just wander around. “Excuse me, can you take our picture? ” Megan asked a teenage girl with purple hair. “Of course,” she replied. Megan and I got our picture taken in front of the Magic Castle. My pink hair really stood out in the picture. I dyed it at the beginning of summer, but my natural blonde hair was already starting to come back.

Megan told me that this will make it easier to spot me, if we get separated from each other; all she has to do is look for the person tit the brightest hair. The first ride that we went on was Snow White. We lucked out because it had a really short line. The lines for all the other rides were enormous. This was going to be a problem for us because Megan tore the ligaments in her left knee before school ended in a volleyball match. Next we headed over to the Peter Pan ride. “Oh my God, the Peter Pan ride,” I yelled with excitement. Why are you so obsessed with him? ” Megan asked, rolling her eyes. “Because he’s perfect in every way, OKAY? ‘ I said somewhat irritated. After we got off the ride, Mean’s cramps started to get worse. We went and sat on a curb. After a few minutes, fortunately, she started to feel better. Both of us now, really wanted to go on the Pirates’ ride. We head over to New Releaser’s Square. As we waited in the line, Megan turned and said to me, “What if One Direction,” was here. They are our favorite group.

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We’re going together with our moms to see them live on stage at the Mandalay Bay in August. I gave her a weird look. We finally made it to the front of the line. As our boat floated into the creepy darkness, we both began singing, MIM ho, you ho, a pirate’s life for me. ” And then of ours, Mean’s cell phone starts ringing like crazy because she’s late checking in with her mom. Mimes mom, we’re both fine. We’re on a ride; call you when we get off. Got to go,” Megan impatiently said. When we get off the ride, our feet were really sore from waiting in all the long lines.

Since Megan has a knee injury, I suggested that we go to TTY Hall on Main Street and try to get a special disability pass, which lets you go to the front of the line. Megan walked up the stairs, limping, first and I followed behind her. “May I help you miss? ” inquired the guy behind the counter. Mimes, mummy… ‘d like to get a disability pass please,” Megan desperately said. “What do you need it for? ” he questioned suspiciously. “l have torn ligaments in my knee and can’t stand in the long lines anymore; my knee is killing me,” she replied. Alright miss,” he said quickly. Within a couple of minutes, we were handed the disability pass! We then headed off to Space Mountain towards the wheel chair entrance. There we could sit down until we were called when they were ready for us to board. “I’m scared that my extensions are going to fly off,” I said frantically. Megan started laughing hard! Here, I’ll braid them so they don’t fly off,” she smirks. I was nervous to get on the ride. Even though Vive been to Disneyland before, Vive never been on this ride and didn’t know what to expect. “Ah!!!! We scream as the rocket zooms through the pitch blackness. The only thing that you could see was tiny “stars. ” After we got off, we headed over to “It’s A Small World. ” While we were getting on the boat, there was a guy with a fake leg trying to disembark. It was really sad to watch because he was having such a difficult time. When the ride ended, all we could hear from swimming around in our brains, as “It’s a small world after all. ” We kept singing it over and over. Around 8 pm, as we were on the utopia ride, the fireworks show started.

We slowed down our cars so that we could get a glimpse of the beautiful colors exploding in the sky. Two hours later, we’re Just about worn out, so I called my mom and told her to grab the van and pick us up at the front gate. Fifteen minutes later, we’re driving to the hotel. As I lay in bed, I noticed that I had a blister on my pinky toe. That was the only negative part of the day. “Goodnight,” all of us say to each other as we go to bed. My dreams send me off to “Never, never land. “