Along with the increasing use of Enterprise Resource Planning software, and begin to popular open source movement, open source ERP has become a new alternative control system resources in an organization. It has been widely available open source ERP software, with different features as well, so it is sometimes difficult to choose which is suitable to the needs of the user. This paper discusses about the features and functionality of ERP software popular open source use.

In it also issued the comparison between their respective open source ERP software. This paper is expected to provide an overview of the development of open source ERP software, and be able to separate the value and shortcomings of each of the software that will be discussed. ERP software that will be compared in this paper is Opener. This software is assumed to represent the software open source ERP. Key Words: ERP, Open Source, Opener. 1. INTRODUCTION Enterprise Resource Planning, will henceforth abbreviated as ERP, has now become a very important part in the industry and the corporate world.

Automation and integration of all functions involved in the process of forming business ERP as an information system capable of facilitating the flow of information between all business functions within the organization, as well as manage relationships with stakeholders. ERP software first appeared on the market as a commercial and proprietary software, because it was so far vendors such as SAP, Peoples and Oracle still dominates the market of ERP software. However, the dominance of commercial software start deterred from open source software movement became popular.

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Open source ERP software was developed with the aim of minimizing errors and bugs in the system, because everyone can evaluate it. Besides the functionality and compatibility of software development can be faster because everyone is free to develop software. In this paper, we discuss more about the three open source ERP software is popularly used is Opener. Will also compare the features of the open source ERP software with other software. It is hoped this paper can be a reference open source ERP software users to choose which is more suitable to their needs. 2.

OPEN ERP Opener is a very unimpressive open source business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Manufacturing, Accounting and Human Resources. Opener has separate client and server components. XML-RPC interfaces are available. Opener free and open source software written in Python programming language. Using GET to create an attractive front end user and enterprise-class Postures database on the back end. Opener system has three main components: 0 Postures Data Server that has all databases. 0 Opener application server that has all the logic of the company.

Web server, a different application called Open Object-web client, which allows you to connect to Opener from a web browser. This is not necessary if the user is connected through the GET client Image 1 User Interface to Open ERP 2. 1 Functional opener need a web browser with flash plug-in, because Opener using flash components. This software is designed to manage the manufacturing, supply chain, finance, accounting, project management, human resource management, and customers. Opener has several features that can be easily used by the users to operate the software.

Some of them are : 0 Rule-based templates to specify the total price policy. 0 A Dashboard that the appearance and functionality tailored to the needs of each user. Specific customer discounts, percentage markup and so on. Fully integrated email / SMS and corporate wick. Automatic propagation of data into account in all areas of the ERP. Double-entry stock management. Enterprise modules that serve to organize enterprise modeling, hierarchical structures and systems, as well as the classification of sales order. Logistic Modules that serves to regulate the production and supply. Goods (from the warehouse to the customer).

Accounting and Finance Modules that serves to analyze and manage company finances and offers solutions to problems of accounting reports. Human Resources Modules serve to organize employees in the form of employee spending arrangements. Project Management which regulates the manufacture of the company’s existing projects (can be a financially and operationally). REFERENCES -ream, opener. (2009). opener Features. Accessed from http www. Opener. Com/books/open]structures. PDF 2. 2 Modularity Opener when optimally developed, they can compete with other immemorial ERP software.

Opener completely modular, consisting of several modules that can be added to and developed by others, especially in the IT department to meet the needs of the company. Opener installation is relatively easy to setup. Opener provides a variety of alternative sample data packets for different companies. Desktop client works on Mac, Linux and Windows. The software is easy to use and the user can choose whether they want to use a web browser pointing to the Opener server or client using the client application (GET client) installed on each computer.

However, this project provides an excellent documentation on the web site and a comprehensive book to go with it. By using Opener enterprise can improve the efficiency of business operations and also more effective in helping them to make the right decision. 2. 3 Advantages and disadvantages 2. 3. 1 Advantages 0 Opener module provides a way for enterprise modeling process. 0 Easy to contours and setup. 0 Provide an alternative decisions. The documentation is excellent. 2. 3. 2 Disadvantages 0 Opener require a full analysis of the existing business processes and the result is a complex modeling.