Cultural and Social Aspects The culture of buying footwear online is very much present in New Zealand, with their online shopping expenditure to reach $3. 19 billion, a growth of 19 percent since 2011. 1. 9 million New Slanderer over the age of 15 will make online purchases, with retail categories with the strongest growth being the clothing and footwear categories (PWS 2012). Almost half of New Sealant’s population will shop online in 2011 with each shopper spending an average of NZ$1,400.

Consumers are looking to find more variety with the best price on offer and online sales creates the platform or them to do so, with the ability to compare prices from many local and international stores. New Slanderer also has a high adoption of social media, with 81 percent of online shoppers using Faceable within the last 12 months. This has allowed social media to be an integral tool in the online shopping process, as evidenced by more than one third of online shoppers in New Zealand following an online shopping site on Faceable (Business to Business, n. . ). In terms of their culture for doing business in New Zealand, they are not of the arraigning culture and they look for value for money in a business (Quintessential n. D. ). In Forbears annual list of Best countries for Business, it was ranked number one, citing that its “transparent and stable business climate that encourages entrepreneurship”. In the 11 metrics that Forbes examined, New Zealand ranked in first in four of those metrics including personal freedom, investor protection, lack of red tape and corruption (New Zealand 2012).

New Zealand is a good place for overseas investors as it is open, stable and a well governed country. Though a small country, New Slanderer are smart, innovative and efficient in how they go about doing their business. The working environment in New Zealand is said to be very easy as people are generally very straightforward and down to earth. They typically respect a challenger and the willingness to absorb ideas and to try things. Another aspect is that they have a high level of education and skill level generally (New Zealand 2011).

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On a whole, an investment in New Zealand is an investment in people who possess the willingness and would want to cooperate ND work collaboratively to make good products and services (New Zealand 2011). Consumers in New Zealand are increasingly accessing the net using a mobile device rather than a computer. Indicating that consumers are valuing convenience and surfing the net while on the move (Remuneration 2012). Also, more and more consumers are getting comfortable with shopping on the Internet, as it proves to be much more efficient than shopping in the mall.

Letting researchers believe that the trend of gift giving cards as presents would grow stronger in New Zealand Remuneration 2 Key Success Factors The key driver for consumers in New Zealand shopping online is the lower prices, with over 51% of them indicating that lower prices compared to those in physical stores is the main reason why they shop online (PWS 2012). Over the years, online shopping has received media attention with regard to the lower prices from international retailers. This has raised more awareness about online shopping locally and overseas (PWS 2012).

Several other factors are also driving growth in the online channel, which are the rater variety and choice of goods, the widespread use of mobile devices and the use of social media by both consumers and retailers, which helps to drive awareness. Customers are also increasingly seeking greater value for money products which online sales can provide a platform for (PWS 2012). As consumers are also seeking greater convenience and greater efficiency, the use mobile devices provide the key enablers to growth in online shopping (PWS 2012).