Narration (1) The narrator ?Who speaks? The narrator as a link between the author and the reader. Author Narrator Reader Reality Fiction The complete narrative chain Real author Implied Narrator Narrate Implied Real author reader reader Reality Fiction Fiction Fiction Fiction Reality Types of narration 3 ways to analyses narration: – Relationship narrator story – Relationship narrator characters – Relationship narrator time scheme of the story Relationship narrator story Narrator TAKES PART in the story 0 intransigents narrator Narrator

PART in the story 0 Extraditing narrator Relationship narrator characters Narrator IS a character in the story 0 homogeneity narrator Narrator IS NOT a character in the story 0 heterogeneity narrator Narrator TELLS HIS/HER OWN story 0 autosuggestion narrator Relationship narrator time scheme Ulterior narration: Narrator tells events after they happen (most common case) Simultaneous narration: Narrator tells events as they happen (Faceable) narration: Narrator tells events before they happen (prophecy) The narrator’s functions (1) Ђ As narrating agent Anterior – Relates what happens – Establishes the setting – Reports the characters words/ thoughts Direct discourse Free direct discourse Indirect discourse Free indirect discourse Narrative report The narrators functions (2)