June 20′ 12 Dear Richard Sigmund, My name is Kimberly I’m fifteen years old and I bought your book ” My Time in Heaven” yesterday None 19′ 12). I got the idea to start reading books about people dying and coming back life after the day that I went to the carnival last week. I went to the carnival with my family and on my way back home we started to talk about how if you play a song backwards you hear another message. Its called backpacking. If you don’t know what it meaner I’d rather you look it up on Google than me explain it to you because I’m not good with explaining.

After speaking about that my somewhat nut said that we needed to watch what we listened to because those are devilish songs and if we were to die the next minute or even second we would be sent to hell for listening to the devilish songs. Singers like Beyond, Nick Minas, Drake, and Lady Gaga all have those subliminal messages in them. Saying to kill and lean on them and saying that they were rich and beautiful because they worship Lucifer. Then my aunt started to say how she saw this video on Youth of this lady that died and came back to life.

She was taken to hell to see what it was like and to warn the people up on earth. She said that she had seen the pope, Michael Jackson and Selene (the Spanish singer that died long time ago). Selene had told her that every time they play her songs up on earth, the demons beat her. I got interested all of this. I didn’t and don’t want to hell. I didn’t think that it was that bad. After I heard that people are set on fire and all those things you mentioned in the book I wanted to do all little more research about heaven and hell.

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I went to Barnes N’ Noble yesterday and went to the religion section and such a book of books. Out of all the books I saw I only saw two kooks that talk about someone dying, seeing heaven and hell, and coming back to life. Before hearing about all this hell and heaven things that you described in the book, I didn’t really care about it. I mean I wanted to go to heaven but didn’t think that it was a big deal. I listened to songs that I wasn’t supposed to listen to and seen things that I wasn’t supposed to look at.

The lady that died and came back said that she also saw a little eight year old boy in hell. She asked why he was there and was told that all he did was play video games and never listened to his parent’s. I realized that sometimes I’m like that. My mom tells me to wash the dishes and I grunt or when my dad tells me to go downstairs to do something for him and I complain. I don’t want to go to hell for little things like that even though I have to obey my parent’s in whatever they say. I Just have no patience and I get that from my dad because if one little thing goes wrong he flips out.

I hate it. I get mad and Just wished that he would be quiet and leave me alone. I pray to God for forgiveness at the end of the day when I go to sleep but for some reason I always wonder off or I guess don’t put enough energy into my prayer that I don’t feel like my prayer is coming from my heart. My somewhat uncle died of cancer last month. He was supposed to die three months ago but with all the prayer of the family and all his faith God kept him alive two more months to get him married to his girlfriend that he’s had since fifteen.

They’ve been together tort a long time way longer than me. He died at the age around in The day before his wedding he ended up in the hospital and the doctors told his sister and parent’s to call the family because he wasn’t going to make it threw the night. After a little prayer Faust (his name) felt better. The cancer had changed his whole body. He was skinnier and looked way older than what he really was. After the two months Faust ended up in the hospital again. The doctors told them to call the family again.

My dad, mom, cousin and me went in to see him in the hospital bed. He couldn’t close his eyes because his skin was stretched back. We started to pray for him and he had tears in his eyes. We went home an hour later and I went to shower. While I was taking a shower I was praying to God saying that Faust was to young to die and that He was not going to take him away from us. I have tears in my eyes and rolling down my cheek right now. At 12:20 May 27 Faust died. No one could believe it. They then buried him that Friday. I started to ask myself if he was in heaven or not.

Everyone said that he was and I believed it to, its Just that heaven is such a big thing that I still Just don’t understand I guess. I once in a while talk to him. I don’t know if he can hear me but I Just randomly say h’. I remember one the day that they buried him, his mom was saying a speech and all the sudden right when she started talking the wind blew very strongly. It was amazing. Like there was no wind and right once she started to talk the wind was blowing and everyone afterwards was saying that hat was Faust.

I Just found your book so incredible how God is with his people. What I don’t understand is I don’t know. I Just feel that God is selfish or not selfish Just someone who wants his way or if he doesn’t get his way, he sends you to hell. I know that God isn’t mean or a bad guy but he’s always saying follow him and worship him and if we don’t we go to hell but if we do we get rewarded which is heaven. Its confusing to me. I Just wanted to right this letter to you because it was an inspiration to do good and know how hell really is. Thank you. -Kimberly