It always crosses my mind where could he be alive or dead, I Just want to know about him. I also wonder if I will ever see him again. “See you tomorrow’ I said. Those were the last words we ever shared. His parent’s drove home and heath Just turned, waved to all of us. I never taught that was going to be the last time I saw Heath. We were going against a San Antonio football team. Heath and I played football in Padres Angers, a small city located in the border of Texas and Mexico. We practiced all week like if there was no tomorrow. Run faster, hit faster” he would always yell at everyone.

Heath was the leader of the team, always encouraging everyone on the team to become the best. Heath was always being a positive influence inside and outside the field. He was one of the most talented athletes and academically impressing. When I didn’t show up to school he would go pick me up. I wonder what would’ve happened if how was never here? What if Heath wasn’t in the wrong time? Why couldn’t they know he had nothing to do with him? Why couldn’t he Just slept and met with everyone the next day? It was Saturday morning hen I walked in the field. Everything looked so calm, so peaceful, it was Just too perfect.

Then I get together with the team and notice Heath is missing. I asked everyone and they whispered “he got kidnapped yesterday after practice. ” I couldn’t believe it I asked my coach and he didn’t say a word, Just nodded his head. My heart started to beat faster, my hands started to sweat, I was losing my balance, my breath, and finally it hit me. At first I taught it was a Joke but suddenly looking at the other teammate’s faces, no words came out of their mouth but their faces would say it all. I aid to calm them down” Heath will be here by Monday when were home Monday, don’t worry about it. I realize now that has been the biggest lie. Days turned into months, and months turned into years. Heath was no were to be found like if earth had swallowed him. The atmosphere of the town changed drastically. Heath knows his family, friends, the whole town miss him. I wish he could see the impact he caused on everybody . The town of Padres Angers using Heath’s story as an example that to anyone life can stop anytime. Schools made presentations of criminal organization Mexico is being haunted by. Everyone in town is doing many things for Heath, so he can never be forgotten.

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His number in football was the fifty- tell so everybody’s car and a TTY-dive in the window. The number was painted in stores, restaurants, and regular businesses. Posters were up in any corner of Padres Angers. Inside the towns football locker room there was a picture of Heath. Everyone hoping that one day he will return. Sometimes the whole team meets up at the field to remember that we shared that grass with Heath. His parent’s would go sometimes and take the pictures were we all come out. The coaches would take the videos and Just watch them multiple times.

The team always remember how Heaths determination made everyone worked harder, improving to our best. Heath made us the regional champions for the first time in twenty five years. He was not another player; he was a brother, a role model. Heath’s family has not given up on the hope that one day he will return. His mother has been involved in promoting safety issues and multiple youth groups. His little brothers started playing football and they represent the fifty five with pride and hopes he will be with them once more. His father has not given up on looking for him.

He has traveled around the State of Coagula, M©xiii and nearby cities. Working with police and looking for clues since the day he disappeared. Schools, youth groups, and the football are always organizing events around town to raise funds. Nobody has lost hope and they won’t give up until they find Heath. Heath and I could’ve done so many things now, going to prom with our dream girl’s, graduating from high school, going on that road trip we always wanted, getting our first apartment, attending to college, graduate from college , look for a bob, and finding the pursuit of happiness we always talked about.

Everything was a plan that never became reality to him. All the parties, the get together, birthdays of our friends and he was the only person that didn’t show up, what will it be that in twenty years when were supposed to come back to the high school reunion, and Heath doesn’t show up. What else will he miss, attending to all our friends wedding’s, to the university graduations, watching everybody start families. It’s not fair that he gets to lose all those moments. He was Just in the wrong place on the wrong moment. Why did you have to leave your house that day?

Why those men pointing at everyone with guns outside his house have to take him? Why did they take the wrong person? Why couldn’t they Just give him back? ) Till now hundreds of people have mourned his loss and think the worst now. The others haven’t given up on finding him. I miss him. If I could do anything to bring you back, I would’ve done it the moment I found out you were gone. It has been a living hell without his friendship. There are things you tend to forget really easy and his one of those I will never forget.

I still hope one day we will walk together to another field and give the game of our lives. Play the game that forged our friendship, which made us brothers that made us need each other. In this case I need him more now than ever. I still remember when we were eight years old and I couldn’t run much. Daily we would run two miles, he was there in back of me yelling “don’t stop you can do it” I really wish I and that kind to support now. I wish I coo support. I really wish he were here in the college with me now. Eve given him that Thanks to Heath I became a better person.

He showed to me enjoy every moment. Thanks to him I am more dedicated to my family and to school. Heath showed that life doesn’t always give second chances, so I have to take advantage of these one. I am still waiting for the day to come when he will Just shop up in my house and throw me the football and say “let’s play? ” Outline * Introduction 1 . Background of story 2. How we met in football. 3. What happened to Heath * Body 1. When he disappeared. 2. Why he disappeared. 3. All the value that made him extraordinary. * Conclusion 1. The effect it had on the town. 2. The effect it had on me.