Bert, columnist for the Chicago Sun, argues the lack of a real pipeline in the movie, “Paranormal Activity 2,” makes the movie terrible. What makes people continue to go watch the paranormal activity series is the scare they receive when watching it. Bert uses the repetition of the word “gotcha” instead of the word scare to lower the reputation of the movie so that you view the movie as childish.

Also, Bert comments n the unnecessary use of stating the time and day. He shows that he did not understand why the directors would state that there was a certain amount of “days before the death of Mica Slots. ” Bert criticizes the fact by stating “What are we supposed to do with this information? I guess we should think Slots, you poor bastard, you only have nine days to go. ” Through colloquialism, you notice the fact that the directors are inexperienced and unprofessional. Stay, to show confusion about the overall movie, he uses repetition to overly repeat the words “l guess. ” If Bert overly uses the word “l guess” then people will receive the reaction that the movie is not clear and you must generalize what the movie is actually about. Overall Bert tries to reveal that the movie may be scary and catches you off guard at the right moments, but that’s all it is. It does not have any true pipeline and cannot be examined at a professional level.