Analysis of “the mother of a child in question” The short story is about a social worker who comes to a Pakistani family. The daughter is mentally retarded, but the mother will not realize this, and tries to convince the social worker Stephen Bentley, that she has to go in a normal school like the rest of her children, because she doesn’t see that there is anything wrong with her little girl. The short story shows how difficult it can be for a mother to accept her children’s flaws, and it shows the difference between the western and the eastern ultra when it comes to accepting mentally retarded people.

Shirred is the handicapped daughter, she is 10, and does not have much contact with the world go even her family, because of her handicap. It is hard for the mother to see that shirred lives in her own little world, and she is not only trying to convince the world that she is normal, but also herself. The father does not show up when the social worker is there because he has realized that he cannot convince his wife or change re opinion, this I s also why Hosannas, the son, leaves as soon as possible. He Kahn family lives in some sort of ghetto neighborhood I perhaps London. It’s described with sad and grey colors and smell of urine. Stephen: social worker Mrs.. Kahn: mother, strong and stubborn, not very good at English Hosannas: 12 years old, doesn’t want to discuss anything with his mother, runs away from her almost instead of trying to convince her about the truth Shirred: 10 years old, mentally handicapped, lives in her own little world,