Texts: Mitch Album’s Tuesdays with Memoir and Robin S. Sharma’s The Monk who sold Ferreira 1. Thesis/lento: Tuesdays with Memoir and The Monk who sold his Ferreira both imply that the impact of death on one’s life can change their whole outlook on life thus influence people following their life experience. A. Supports a. The desire to influence the people around them I. Tuesdays with Memoir -Influences Mitch about his life: Memoir shares with him all his knowledge about life.

They would meet up every Tuesday to talk about things and factors in life such as marriage, love, death and many more Influences the people: Memoir not only influences Mitch, but also the audience on the show “Nightline”, when he was interviewed by Ted Gospel. He shares all the pain he was going through and explains how he is coping with it. Quotes -“they worked as a team” (Album 148) “Love each other or perish” (Album 148) I’. The Monk who sold his Ferreira -Influences John: In this novel, Julian influences his old colleague John.

When he returns from India, he is the first person that Julian visits. Julian explains to him all the knowledge and understandings that he had learned from the Sages of Savanna. He explains it using symbols and stories. His knowledge gives a great impact to John and gives him the desire to change himself. -When the student is ready, the teacher appears” (Sahara -“John tonight is the first night of your new life” (Sahara 35) b. To rejoice every Moment in Life Ever since he was diagnosed with the disease, Memoir is seen to be more calm and relaxed.

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He starts to appreciate everything around him. Especially the people around him like his wife, family and of course Mitch himself. Memoir appreciates every Tuesday he spends together with Mitch. -“To know you’re going to die, and to be prepared for it anytime. That’s better. That way you can actually be more involved in your life while you’re living” (Album 81) -“l wondered if I were in his shoes, about to die, and I had no family, no children, would do emptiness be unbearable? ” (Album 92) I.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferreira In this novel, the main character Julian Mantle is seen rejoicing his life after his heart attack. After he returns from India, he happens to be healthier both mentally and physically. When he explains to John, he says that life is worth living when you began to understand the true meaning of life itself. After the incident, he anted to live a better life; this is what made him to seek out the Sages of Savanna. The knowledge and understandings he gained made him rejoice life even more. “prized possession” (Sahara 4) -“his body had fallen apart and that his mind had lost its luster” (Sahara -“he embraced every moment of his time in this exotic land” (Sahara 13) -“always believed that life came down to a few key moments” (Sahara 23) b. The Acceptance of Fate Tuesdays with Memoir Ever since Memoir and been diagnosed Witt the disease, en is shown to nave accepted the fact that he was going to die soon. He explains this to Mitch, trying to sake him understand how he felt at that time. He also explains this to Ted Gospel and the audiences during the show “Nightline”. “This is important- not Just for someone like me, who is dying, but for someone like you, who is healthy. Learn to detach” (Album 103) -“Don’t cling to things, because everything is impermanent” (Album 103) -” Well, Ted one day soon, someone’s goanna have to wipe my ass” (Album 22) The Monk who sold his Ferreira Julian as well has accepted the fact that his life won’t ever be the same again, ever since he suffered the heart attack. He also accepted the fact that he won’t e able to go back to his former lifestyle and he is happy with his new and improved life where everything seems to be better.

He explains this fact to Mitch when he visits him. -“more purposeful and rewarding life” (Sahara 33) -“It was a very magical time of my life, John. Here I was, a tired old litigator who had sold everything from my racehorse to my Role, and had packed all that remained into a large rituals that would be my constant companion as I venture into the timeless traditions of the East” (Sahara 14) Conclusion- To conclude, both the novels explains how death can impact a person’s life and how it changes their perspective.

Tuesdays wit n Memoir In this novel by Mitch Album the theme death can clearly be seen. The novel mainly portrays the impact of death on one’s life. Since the main character (Memoir) is suffering from a disease called ALAS, the Journey to his death shows how it has impacted his life. Throughout the novel Memoir can be seen appreciating the people around him like his old student Mitch who visits him every week. He shares his knowledge with him.

This shows that death makes a person to appreciate every single moment in life as well as the people around them. As the story progresses, Memoir can also be seen accepting his fate he was going o die. This can be seen when he starts to lose most of the functions in his body like the ability to walk, move, and breathe easily, he still did not complain. This also shows that death has a way of making a person more down to earth and more accepting on what’s happening around them.

In this novel by Robin S. Sahara the theme death is portrayed through the main character Aeolian Mantle). The impact of death on a person’s life can really change them both mentally and physically. Death impacted Sultan’s life in a way that he wanted to change and seek a deeper understanding to life which brings him to India where he goes to the Himalayas in reach of the Sages of Savanna. There is where he learns under Yogi Raman about the nature in life.

This shows that a person who survives death makes them want to change their former lifestyle and live a more healthy and meaningful life. Through this experience, Julian becomes stronger both physically and mentally. He soon visits his old colleague Noon) and influences him about his knowledge on how death has impacted his life and how he was reborn and rejoicing it now. The impact of death also has a way of making an individual to share their experiences to other people.