Midday Break “Finally, the Just ten minutes more till recess! ” I thought as my stomach growled loudly. I was looking forward to recess time! I had eaten a pretty light breakfast this morning, and I have an empty stomach which I wanted to fill so badly! As my classroom was on the second floor, I could easily smell the dense aroma of the canteen food. That made me hungrier than I am now! “Ring! ” the bell finally rang, signaling that it was recess time —midday break. In a fast motion, I fished out my wallet and bolted out of the classroom to the canteen.

I groaned as I the sight of the canteen greeted my eyes. It was crowded! Every store has extremely long queues. “Great,” I muttered, “This will take me a million years to get my food. ” I made a beeline to my favorite store. The only thing on my mind was the delicious, mouth-watering prates, the Indian specialty! Not long later, I got my food and went to settle at a table with my friends. Loud chatters of cheery students filled the air, along with the strong musky smells of spices from the stores. I was almost drooling as I cut my food into ices.

The root prates came with a bowl of delectable curry. I dipped my Pratt into the palatable curry then into my mouth. Almost immediately, I could feel the hot crisp of the Pratt in my mouth. “The pleasure of having food in your mouth, unbelievable! ” I thought to myself. It tasted great. “Ewe! How could you eat that… That greasy thing! It’s gross! ” my friend, Liana exclaimed. I shot her my death glare and retorted, “It’s my favorite food! Your sushi looks so raw, disgusting! ” With that I continued munching on my food.

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After eating, my friends and I decided to have a stroll around the school as there was still time to spare. As we walked past the Science lab, I started laughing all of a sudden. I remembered a time, during recess when we walked long the Science lab. On that day, one of our friends, Joseph, out of mischief, decided to play a prank on Liana. As Liana and I walked past the Science lab, Joseph held onto the skeleton and Jumped in front of Liana. This caused her to shriek at the top of her lungs and she started to cuss at Joseph who at that time was clutching his stomach rolling round laughing.

The sight was unforgettable as we all thought that Liana was a tough girl. Since that day, Liana was afraid of skeletons and would never walk past the Science lab alone. She even spread rumors that the Science lab was cursed! I shook my head as I silently laughed at the thought of that incident. Soon, another bell sounded, indicating that recess was over. We reluctantly made our way back to our classrooms and get ready for the next lesson. Our teacher stepped into class as I silently groaned and looked forward to the end of school. By felicitate