Arlington Chamber Foundation Mechanical engineering is the study of manufacture development, design, and product of machinery. Mechanical Engineer (M. E. ) is the future of tomorrow, through specialized Jobs. As the 21st century continues to grow so will the demand for mechanical engineering. Individuals with a mechanical engineer degree will be offering the future the newest, improved, and advanced products.

The world has being revolving around mechanical engineers for years now. Throughout this year’s canonical engineers have done their part in trying to improve the world around us. From the simplest screw on a toy car to wheels in your car, from cars to airplanes, from airplanes to ships and boats etc… The benefits of society have grown so much because of them. Now that we have more advance technology, things and ideas are running smoother in the mechanical field.

I believe that in the future mechanical engineers will create something even bigger then today, something that will have a age impact for many years to come. Mechanical engineers do play a huge part in our future industry because without them they aren’t able to do produce safe products for society. Imagine that there wouldn’t be any one to check our machinery? Imagine all the tragic that would be created? The safety of society can’t be gamble, our future can’t be gamble. Once in college I plan to pursue the Mechanical engineering career as well.

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With a desire to be a mechanical engineer, I would like to evolve and design ways to improve our world around us. I would like to continue to build new and safer theme park, surgical robots, or prosthetic blades. By doing this I would gain the satisfaction that, I too can make a difference in the world. In order to abide with my career as a mechanical engineer, I must take a series of challenging classes. Mechanical engineering requires a lot of knowledge in math and physics. I personally love math and physics.

I feel that I have the potential to handle any Hellenizing aspect that I might confront in this area. After all I have a passion in building new ideas, and sharing them with the future to come. Within each of us is potential, potential to leave a mark in our community and in our world. I have always dreamed of building new things and now that I have the opportunity to realize them, I am determining to not let go of my dream. I hope to create or continue to build machines for the future and improve life.