The Lover’s Dilemma: We grow, we change, we learn, and we love. For the very habits we fall victim to are indeed the very things that make us uniquely human. The most damning of these habits is undeniably the littermate. The sting of unrequited love weighs heavy on my heart, but it too shall pass. I trust it will. Until then, however, I shall sit in agony, painfully awaiting a belated redress. But, my dear, we cannot wait passively. We must actively seek the tranquility we crave. Its whereabouts are a mystery; One which has evaded philosophers, scientists, and theologies alike. Indeed, I am no exception.

I too know not where this mental ease hibernates. He lays quietly, almost tauntingly, undetected by the masses. My heart in his hands, my very being held captive by his grasp. Surely, though, we shouldn’t give him this power over us, should we? I’ve debated and entertained this personal dialogue ad nauseas, admittedly. If we withhold our submission, we may never find him. Alternatively, if we succumb to his incessant demands, we may disrupt his slumber, and engage him on our behalf. But, at what expense? At the expense of this brief existence? Life is short, but sweet for certain.

But let us to siphon the nectar out prematurely. No, it must sustain us ’till our bodies corrode, ’till our pulses slow, and ’till the burning love we once shared is completely smothered, a forest ablaze stifled and reduced to mere charred, lifeless woodland. But, if this love is extinguished all too abruptly, without reason or logic and long bettor our bodies nave talented, I can conclude only one startling sentiment – Maybe our time has come, sooner than we had anticipated. For, Just as the body is sustained by microinstructions, my soul is sustained by love, and without love it will perish.

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Without his love, it has perished. And this deductive reasoning affirms the looming truth I can no longer evade – My time has come. In my absence, I trust the world will remain adrift, navigating the vast universe, spinning with ceaseless persistence, exploring the galaxy with the reckless abandonment and dangerous optimism of a livestock adolescent. For only now do I realize I was not so different from this earth, for Just as her intentions are government by nature’s unwavering logic, I too was controlled by an equally compelling, but far more conditional governing body – His love.