Bag Speech Outline Karol Purpose Statement: Three items that greatly represent me. Part 1: The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. This quote is by Albert Einstein, which is a very interesting quote to me. So today I’ll be showing you guys three items that illustrates the illusions of my past, present, and future. Part 2: #1 – The first item is a check, which represents my past. This seems like an Asian stereotype, but it’s not. As a kid, I was forced to grow up too early, too fast. Unable to enjoy me childhood, forced to take the role of an adult.

Despite having older siblings, I had to take things into my own hands even with my limited English skills at that time I was able to do many things kids my age couldn’t do. #2 – The second item is this box, which represents the present me. In a way, I’m similar to this box, If you really knew me, you could see right through me, whether I’m telling the truth or if I’m lying. But that is not the problem; the problem is that I’m stranded in this maze. Confused upon which way to take, there is a lot of pressure for me to follow the footsteps of my siblings, and I don’t know if I can do it.

Sometimes I sake the wrong turn, sometimes I make mistakes and I know I’ll get lost, but eventually, I’ll find my way out. #3 – The last item is this blanket. After my high school career, I would like to attend U-Madison like my older siblings has before me. I want to double major in Biomedical Science and Laboratories Science and hopefully become a Cardiologist. Part 3: So I have shared a bit about my life to you and the illusions that make up my past, present, and future. Now that Eve shared and showed you the illusions that represent myself, how about you, what are your illusions? Lack By defangs

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