Teacher tells the student the meaning of fluency. Teacher tells student that fluency is being able I Tit read the words in a text quicker, with ease and expression. I I Teacher then ask the student what is something you learned at school that helps n deciding how vowel letters to be pronounced so I lee use a our two pointer fingers and place them over the letters but not the vowel for example the word (cope) the letter we are I Looking at is the O. Ask the student does the word have an e and where is the e?

Have the students repeat that if a word has Anne I lat the end then it makes the O say its own name. Teacher then nave the student sound out the first letter and adding it to thee I Lou get coco then add the p sound and the e never speaks. I I Then have the student read some sentence that you put on a paper for her making sure to misspell some rods so they don’t make I Sense and have her read the sentence aloud. Ask student does the sentence make sense, does the word sound right?

Teacher then I I writes a few more sentences on the paper and have the student read the sentences and this time she does the questioning by herself I lowering down her answers and what stood out in the sentence that made her know that the word was wrong. After student is done I I teacher goes over sentences with her I I Homework: Teacher gives student a familiar paragraph from My Father’s Dragon tit some of the words that she worked on in the prior I Lesson spelled wrong to see if she recognizes them. Student is to underline all the words that are wrong and how she knows it was I lowering.

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I Day I Teacher then tells the student lets’ talk about how to read with ease and quickness. Teacher puts a sentence on the sheet of appear land says to student I am going to read the sentence aloud two times and you tell me which one was the best? Teacher reads the I Sentence she wrote: That tee cheer statehouses at the chi chi chi old. Teacher then read the sentence again the teacher I Shouted at the child. Teacher says to the student, which is the best. Teacher says right the second on is best this is how we are I Supposed to read so one can understand.

I I Teacher then tell the student that we are going to practice by reading the poem Fire Flies First I will give you each sentence in I Lethe poem one by one so you can practice pausing, proper tones, and expressions. Day 3 Teacher goes over the homework from the night before to see if student recognized the words and her answers for why she recognized I Lethe words. Teacher then asses out the sentence strips again and they reread them several time I Day I Teacher now passes out the poem only this time it is the whole poem Teacher reads first modeling how the student is to read the I Poem.

The student reads next. The teacher reads the poem a second time and then the student. I Assessment: I I Teacher informs student that she will be using a watch to take time on how many words she can read of the poem Fire Flies in one I Minute. Teacher tells student she will have to read three times and she will record her time each time and will take he best of I Lethe three as her grade I Reflection: I Did the students understand how to figure out how to pronounce word?

Does student n Handouts turn near study? I Independent Reading List for 4th graders I FIREFLIES I I by Elizabeth Jenkins II like the warm dark summer night, I When fireflies burn their golden light, I And flit so softly through the air, I Now up, now down, now over there! I They sparkle in my apple tree, I And from the grass they wink at me, And turn their lights on one by one; II think it would be lots of fun I If I could shine at evening, too, Just as the little fireflies do.