Abstract Leno does all the operations from the cargo to the assembly production, from the product-sells to the post-sale service. This has helped company realize the large scale production and cost efficiency. In sales aspect, the company provides many kinds of purchases and the marketing channels. The customer can directly get the product through the on-line purchase or buy in-directly at large retail stores. These features have helped Leno grow its business and now it is considered the world’s second-largest PC vendor.

Physical Distribution Market Exposure For most of us it’s nearly impossible to go a day without touching a notebook computer. Fast-moving technology has rendered the PC a commodity. Product features are not the differentiator they used to be. A brand’s emotional connection with the customer and time-to-market advantages are becoming the ultimate gig. An ideal market exposure makes a product available widely enough to satisfy target customers’ needs but not exceed them and too much exposure only increases the total cost of marketing.

As some product classes require much less market exposure than others. A marketing campaign that provides good marketing exposure is one hat has a high profile. I believe that Leno uses Selective Distribution in selling through only those intermediaries who gives their products special attention. Distribution Customer Service and Direct/lenience Channels Customers don’t care how a product was moved or stored or what channel was used to provide it, rather they only think in terms of how rapidly and dependably a firm can deliver what they want.

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If you want to buy a new Leno computer and the store you went to doesn’t have it on hand, you’re most likely to buy it elsewhere or switch to some other brand so it is very important for a firm to have the products available or he sale will be lost which adds up to immense loss. Leno distributes through both direct and indirect channels. They have direct-to-customer e-selling option of placing orders by customers on their website and indirect selling of its products through wholesales, retailers and other specialists.

Specialization makes the distribution channel more efficient and Leno takes full advantage because trained salesmen can provide in-depth product information to the customers. Additionally specialist channels provide Leno crucial information about customer needs and insights into differences in the current market trends. Wholesalers/Retailers In the USA large Retailers like Walter, Best Buy, Staples, Amazon, Buy. Com, B, Circuit City, Compass, Fry’s electronics, J&R, Disrespect. Com, newest. Com, micrometer. Com Office Depot, and Officemate.

At present, Cost is the only wholesaler that Leno sells through. Leno has an extensive network of business partners who are also available to help the customers choose from a range of PC’s, accessories and unique technologies. Some of these local resellers in Delaware are Wagon Technology Group, Secure Data Computer Solutions, Inc. , and Hypertext USA. Discrepancies and Separations Sometimes the assortment and quantity of products customers want can be different from the assortment and quantity of products companies produce.

Most of the time a customer may need more than Just a laptop or a desktop in order to complete a task, they may also need the accessories to go with the product and usually they don’t want to shop for each item separately. In order to pursue this, Leno has enhanced their website and product availability to be a one-stop shop where customers can buy a large range of accessories and upgrades along with Laptops, Tablets, Ultrasound, etc. Laptop bags, speakers, keyboard and mice, software, printers, projectors, servers, storage devices, cameras and scanners are some of the accessories that are widely available on its website for purchase.

Leno has a wide range of cheaper to high end models prices for separations of products. Special coordination, parent organization, channel, and supply chain To enable more accurate and timely recording of its sales of Leno products a secure website is provided to facilitate reporting. Leno authorizes its resellers to report weekly sales ND inventory through either the Web tool or via Electronic Data Interchange (DE’) and no other forms of reporting is being accepted. Their Purchase orders, shipping reports, and other paper documents are being replaced with computerized DE’.

Improved information flow and better coordination of physical distribution activities is a key reason for success. Coordinating all of the elements of distribution is a challenge and trying to coordinate orders, inventory, and transportation throughout the whole supply chain is even tougher and EDI offers access to up-to-date information that the company requires. Transportation requirements In an effort to minimize Leno’s climate change impact and reduce its carbon footprint, Leno uses local manufacturing facilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia, as well as the lowest carbon shipping methods via truck, rail or sea where possible.

Leno is working closely with its shipping partners to ship products responsibly by certified EPA Smarty program for implementing fuel efficient shipping standards. Leno has shifted 7% of its products that are transported by air to ocean transport to minimize environmental impacts related to shipping. Maintaining the right inventory level is often difficult when it’s hard to foresee the likely demand of a product. Stockpiling allows producers and intermediaries to keep stocks at convenient locations ready to meet customers’ needs.

A convenient location and access to workers with the right skills were critical factors that led Leno to build its first in-house U. S. Distribution and assembly facility in Withiest, N. C. , Just outside Greensboro which also handles reverse logistics. Wave Systems Corp.. And SEED International Holdings are also some of the global distributors that Leno partners with. Reverse Channels Leno has Joined hands with Greenness and RESEARCH, reverse logistics companies, to manage its reverse logistics process.

These collaborations provide a dedicated alternate sales channel for their refurbished and take-back products that will not cannibalize Leno’s new product sales channels. These channels provide Leno with facilities and processes like brokering, refurbishing, reselling, dismantling, recycling, disposal services, returns and recalls regardless of their geographic location. This is a strategic advancement towards providing cost effective and environmentally responsible return or recalls service. Leno’s efficient returns management is rapidly gaining foresight to strengthen their leadership position.

New Courses of Action One of the things that I would like Leno to excel is making laptops and ultrasound with increased protection of personal data and safety. These portable devices are prone to theft and certainly theft cases involving these have increased over the past few years to an extent that 1 in 10 laptops will be stolen within its lifetime. It is advised not leave these devices in car at parking lots. Thefts can also occur while traveling at airports, hotels, rental cars, and conference events.