Do you defend or challenge this statement: “When legends die, dreams end. When dreams end, there is no more greatness. “? Use evidence from history, your readings, etc. I am inspired by the sound of a dribbling basketball, by the sound of squeaking shoes, and by the sound of a basketball swishing through a hoop. I can still remember the time when The Celtic almost beat the Lasers in the NAB Championships. I was ten years old, in Tennessee, watching the All-Star game with my relatives.

We all sat on the couch, eating and watching the game. I remember the time KEG did a slam dunk on Kobo Bryant; the crowd went wild. My relatives were rooting for the Lasers while I was the only one rooting for The Celtic. My feelings for the Legendary Celtic are clear but some believe “When legends die, dreams end. When dreams die, there is no greatness. ” I strongly disagree with this statement because of my strong feelings for The Celtic, because of what George Washington did for our country, and because of the wisdom my grandfather gave me.

The first reason why I disagree with the quote is because The Celtic are a strong am that took control of their destiny. The Celtic were willing to try as hard as they could to attain their goal of winning the All-Star game. For example, every time KEG left the court when his team was losing, he said something encouraging to his teammates in the finals. Because he would not allow the team’s dream to die, he was took control of the team’s future. In addition, during the pre-game interviews, the rookie, Rajah Rondo said that his team would win the All-Star game.

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He scored 50 points for his team in the finals, proving that when one believes and acts, they could accomplish what they set their minds to. Because The Celtic displayed a tremendous amount of fortitude, they believed in themselves and never gave up. The Celtic will always be a legendary team. Additionally, George Washington was a tenacious man. He never gave up on his dream for America to be free from tyranny. Washington helped the States win the American Revolution which was a grandiose accomplishment.

Despite all the close friends he lost, he never stopped dreaming; he was really determined to defeat dictatorship. After winning the war, everyone revered George Washington and wanted him to be president of the United States. He was the leader of the Continental Congress and brought the United States together. George Washington went through a gamut of situations; from fighting through tough battles to losing a lot of friends/ allies. Although the Father of America has passed away, his dream is still with this free and prosperous country. Lastly, my Grandfather was a very wise and knowledgeable man.

He always knew what to say and how to say it. My grandfather has told me many things about how I soon d live, study, behave, and that I should never quit. I was playing basketball Witt my 15 year old cousin, and he was out scoring me 60-32. I have never beaten him before because I am shorter than him and he has more experience. After I lost, I ran to my grandfather saying that I would never play basketball with my cousin again because I could never beat him. My grandfather laughed and said muff should never give up no matter what the situation is… Always keep trying and you will end up accomplishing your goal… ” His words have helped me a lot throughout my life and continue to encourage me today. Similarly, when my grandfather was teaching me fifth grade math when I was in fourth grade, I said it was really hard and I did not want to do it anymore. He said “It is not good to Just quit when you start to do something. Whenever you are in the middle of something, you should always make a commitment to finish it”. With my grandfather’s legendary words of wisdom, I have realized it is not good to Just give up on my dreams.

If my grandfather had been in the room when The Celtic lost, there would have been someone for me to commiserate with. The score was tied, there was five seconds left on the scoreboard, and the Lasers had the ball. They won the game but The Celtic never gave up and still fought through, trying to win. Similarly, George Washington tried as hard as he could to help the Americans in the Revolution and won. In addition, my grandfather told me to never give up no matter what. Because of all the things that have inspired me above, I do not believe that when legends die, dreams go with them.