Ladder Ball Stand Description Ladder Ball a backyard game that has since then become a very popular game for tailgaters, backyard parties and pretty much anywhere you want a good game of Ladder Ball to happen. The part that I am discussing though is the Ladder Ball Ladder Stand. The stand is what decides whether you win or lose. It looks like a ladder (hence Ladder Ball) but only has three rungs in the middle.

These three rungs eave a different point value the top rung being worth one point, the middle worth two, and the bottom worth three. These points can be switched depending on the players’ rules, but the middle one is always worth two. Now for the physical looks. There are three rungs each 12 inches in length The middle rung is also usually a different color from the other two usually the middle being red and the other two being white. Those three rungs are then suspended by two vertical rungs on each side that the three rungs go inside.

Those two vertical rungs attach to the lower part which is a rectangle that goes around the entire ladder ball stand and extends out to added stability. The rectangle, which is 24 inches from one end to the other, is also filled with sand; it looks exactly the other rungs Just put together in a rectangular. It is a very simple setup that can be put together in mere minutes. Also there is a set distance the stand must be away from each other, but that also depends on the player and their set of rules (our rules usually are they just be 10-20 feet away from each other. It usually weighs about 5 pounds so it’s not that heavy, it also really depends on how much sand you fill it with or what you use for the rungs. As you can see on the picture you can see the dimensions displayed accurately so you may make your own Ladder Ball stands rather than buying one all you need is some PVC piping, sand for the rectangular support and the picture to build your own and by doing that you also created a game you can play for hours and have a great time.

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