Third paragraph Sean?second paragraph Nathaniel?Forth paragraph Main-Lit Ms. Newborn’s Joe DiMaggio Joe DiMaggio, a renowned baseball player in U. S. , had a different, unique family background that led him to countless success and become a paragon of American dream. He was an Italian immigrant, and his family made a living by catching fish at San Francisco. His father required Joe to be a fisherman to support his poor family, but he refused, because he did not like the odor of fish and the environment.

As a exult, Joe was called a “lazy’ boy, and dissension occurred between them. He started his baseball life when his brother recommended him to San Francisco Seals, and later transferred to Yankees after an injury. That was when his miracles brought a significant impact toward baseball history. Joe DiMaggio is known as one of the greatest baseball players in baseball history by setting a record that is most likely unable to break with 56 straight hitting streaks.

However, while DiMaggio was on his hitting streak when he caught up to George Killer’s record with 41 games hitting treat, his hitting streak started to catch the publics attention. Furthermore, DiMaggio also said a quote when people were asking him if he would break Killer’s record and DiMaggio replied, “I’m not thinking a whole lot about it… I’ll either break it or I won’t”. This quote not only does it show that he does not give himself a huge amount of pressure on breaking the record but also he treats everything with a calm attitude and letting destiny decide everything else in the future.

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Joe DiMaggio 56 batting streak started from May 15, 1941 when he was playing the Chicago White Sox ND ended after 2 months on July 17, 1941 in Cleveland. The hitting streak is still well known around the whole United States and the world because it’s a record that’s been there for 70 years already yet nobody was able to break the record yet. Besides DiMaggio spectacular performance in batting, he also led the Yankees winning ten American League pennants and nine World Series championships with his splendid defense in center field and his superb batting average.

In the 56 straight hitting streaks DiMaggio was able to have an amazing batting average with . 408. In addition, n his 13-year career he was always selected to be part of the All-Star team, and he was also a three-time MAP player. With all these elite awards and results we could see the strong determination and the high standards Joe DiMaggio sets for himself in order to improve and become a better person and player. Through his huge success, he seemed to promise a thing for everyone: American dream. Like Santiago in the Old Man and the Sea, he still moved forward in the adversity.

Even his race as one of immigrants (at that time they were not benevolently welcomed), his economic tuition (his family could only make a living by fishing), or his background (his father opposed Joe to be a baseball member), he accomplished his goal, to be regarded as a famous person whose ability is something that everyone admires. In addition, he shed a light on the darkness to America. At his time playing basketball, America was facing severe economic recession and recovery from World War 2, and the mood of Americans can only be described as “frustrated”.

However, his electrifying 56 hitting streaks lighted everyone’s heart. Therefore, people realized that everybody has an opportunity to achieve seemingly impossible through diligence, dedication, and integrity, to be an all-admired person who will be celebrated for perpetuity. The connections between Joe DiMaggio and Santiago were significant. The family background was almost the same story. Their families were both poor and ran the fishing business. This background similarity linked the two characters together; readers who knew Joe DiMaggio would found it familiar when read about Santiago.

Hemmingway wanted the reader to notice this connection in a more friendly way as to in direct terms. Therefore, when we read about Santiago background, we seem to know this character in reality. This built up a “d©J¤ iv” effect. In addition, Joe DiMaggio was a person who was revered by all. He was the superstar in old days. When Santiago confronted obstacles, he linked himself to the great Joe DiMaggio. Santiago believed since they had similar family background and such, they should have the same potential to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Santiago believed this because back in 1946, Joe DiMaggio injured his heel severely.

Many Hough he lost the opportunity to win the championship for the team. Media wrote about the unlucky star and all felt sorry fro him. However, Joe did not give up on himself and ignore what all the negative reviews. He trusted himself. After recovering, he came back on field. Breaking people’s eyes, he played harder than before. At the end of the year, his team won the championship, and he, himself, won the Most Valuable Player title. Santiago believed he and Joe DiMaggio had the same potential to turn impossible to possible. He wanted to be like Joe DiMaggio, who conquered his adversity.

Without letting the readers down, Santiago at last fished up the great marlin, like Joe overcame obstacles. Joe DiMaggio was shadowed through the story. Santiago constantly linked himself to Joe DiMaggio. In Santiago mind, Joe was like an idol to follow, like a spiritual belief. This gave Santiago hope to keep on doing what he was doing. Thus, Joe DiMaggio was not Just some guy who had a similar life and experience as Santiago did, but also was a guy, a model, within Santiago inner mind. Therefore, the connection between two was closely linked and had great significance.