Jane Doe How to Make a Piñata SSP 1608 Adjunct Instructor Marsha Freedman January 10, 2012 Specific Purpose: At the end of the speech, the audience will understand how to make a custom piñata for any fun occasion Central Idea: Making a piñata is easy to make if you have the right materials, supplies, and following the instructions. Introduction: Where did the piñata originate? Most people would guess Mexico but that is wrong. They actually came from China and Canada and were introduced by Marco Polo. Priests introduced the idea of piñatas to Mexico for religious reasons.

A Mexican piñata has seven cones on it that represent capital sins. The children beating the piñata represent the good side of the world defeating the bad side. Nowadays, people not only use piñatas on Cinch De Mayo but at events like birthdays, holidays and celebrations. I had a piñata at my eighth birthday party and remember how much fun it was hitting it and gathering up all the candy. Today I am going to be demonstrating step by step how to make a heart shaped piñata for Valentine’s Day. First, you will learn the materials needed; second, the supplies; then anally the steps involved.

At the end of this speech, will understand how to make a custom piñata for any fun occasion l. Materials One balloon A. B. Newspapers Flour C. D. Water E. Candy and confetti F. Crepe paper G. Construction paper H. Duck tape Transition: Now that I have gone over the supplies needed, these are the tools to use: II. Tools A. Mixing bowl B. Spoon C. Measuring cups D. Hot glue gun Transition: Now that you know everything you will need, I am going to explain each step in order to make the heart shaped piñata. Ill. Procedure A. Inflate your balloon.

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This step is to form the body of the piñata so inflate it to the size you want the piñata to be. B. Mix three cups of water with two cups of flour in the bowl until it is completely smooth. C. Cut newspapers into strips lunch thick strips and dip into mixture. D. Cover balloon with wet strips then let first layer dry and make a second layer leaving a small opening at the bottom to insert the stuffing later. E Eater the second layer is dry, tape on construction paper to the top and OTTOMH of the sphere to form a heart shape.

F. Add on one more last layer to cover the entire balloon and cardboard and let it dry. G. Pop the balloon and remove it from inside the piñata. H. Insert candy, goodies and confetti into the opening and tape close the opening. L. Decorate the outside with crepe paper using a hot glue gun. Conclusion: I enjoyed explaining the process that goes into making a piñata. With my supply list, tool list, and nine steps you be able to create your very own custom piñata.

Remember you can pick any theme you want you don’t have to go for the traditional Mexican piñata. A cool different idea for someone who is healthy is to stuff it with fruit and protein bars! I hope this will inspire you to make a piñata for your next celebration your guest will have a blast and be impressed you made it yourself! Transition: Now that I nave gone over the supplies n deed, these are the tools to use: later. E. After the second layer is dry, tape on construction paper to the top and