Is The Earth Still Green? In the book of Genesis, the Lord has created the Earth likened to be a paradise. Beautiful sunrises, breath-taking sunsets, fresh air, mountains lush with tall trees and abundant sources of food are Just some of the faces that qualify Eden as bliss. Then God has commanded Adam and Eve, to go forth and be many; and so they went. As the population did bloom, did the blessings of paradise remain as ample as they were at first? The question still applies today for we are the branches of Adam and Eve.

Are there enough food resources? Do we still breathe the same crisp air they had? Are the mountains still covered with trees? Is the Earth still green? Now, it is for us to answer. Look around you, and you will see. Look around you and discover the answer to this. Our mountains are now brown instead of green. Why? Blame it to the culprit – illegal logging! It has been caught on red flag too many times already. But still, it isn’t fully arrested. According to the case study worked by TED, for the past 50 years, the Philippines has lost 2. Cress of hardwood forests every minute, leaving only a 21 percent forest cover from 70 percent. Another reason for the decreasing forest areas is the need for agriculture expansion and industrialization to fine-tune with the increase of population. Come Monody, come Pablo, and come Dotted. What comes after them are the same – houses flown away by their vicious wind, properties and even lives being crushed by landslides and falsehood, lepidopterist swimming with the stranded people, and certainly death marching its way to victimize one by one.

Why do these all happen? There could have at least no flood and landslides if there are still enough trees to seep rain water. Combustion of vehicle exhaust, emission of burned coal and oil from factories, usage of pesticides, and burning of garbage are Just some of the root causes that pollute the air. Do you breathe with these? Don’t you know that they impair the respiratory system and even the nervous system? Of course, you should know! The trees could help lessen these pollutants, but as discussed earlier, tons of it are continually being cut down.

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Let us now try to dive into the deep blue (if they still are) water of the country. Do you see school of fishes each having different vibrant colors? Do you see the naturally created corals? Or is it plastics, cans, candy wrappers and nasty waste products from factories and houses that you see? Does the water look so blue? Or is it tinted with black already? There are a lot of laws that are already made by the government to combat these activities.

For the illegal logging, are the Republic Act 9175 or “Chainsaw Act of 2002”, he House Bill 5485 that seeks to impose life imprisonment against illegal loggers, and so many others. While the Republic Act 8749 or the “Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999” aims to fight air pollution and the “Clean Water Act Law of the Philippines” for the care of the bodies of water. Let us all bear in our mind that it is not how many laws or how beautiful that law aims, but how it is implemented that counts. We are the stewardess of the Earth and so we are responsible in keeping it better if not back to best.