“No! ” I told Lisa, my best friend. Telling me that my crush for three years suddenly likes someone else while I was away for three days was Just too much. “Please say that it’s not true, Lisa, it could not be true. I was gone for Just three days because of the competition and now you are telling me this? ” “It’s true. He said that Jenny is really cute, feminine and sweet. ” Lisa said to me. “No. I don’t believe it. ” I do not really care if it was someone else but the one he likes is my friend, Jenny. “Cassia… ” Lisa trailed off. “l am fine,” I told her. L really am. I told her again when she gave me a look of doubt. After hugging and saying goodbye to her, I walked home as fast as possible and locked myself in my room. I should not cry Just because of the news I heard. I would not cry. I stared blankly at the white wall in my room. Why was I feeling so empty? I should be happy for Jenny. She likes him too. She is really nice and feminine, unlike me, the weird tomboyish girl. I really should be happy for her. However, she was also the first girl to… “Cassia, come down right now. ” My father shouted from the living mom downstairs.

I went down, still feeling empty. I saw my report card on the coffee table. I shivered slightly, anticipating the worst. Inform report card. ” He pointed at the coffee table. “Take it and tell me what you see. ” My father said angrily. I took my report card and really wished my hand would stop quivering. I opened it and my eyes started to water but I willed myself not to cry. “Cassandra Bowman, tell me what you see. ” My father said angrily. He was using my full name, which was never a good sign. “l- I can see my grade. I do- do not get any A.

I-I get B for m-most subject but- but I barely passed the three science subjects. ” I stammered. “Is that all? ” He asked fiercely. I shook my head. “l am ranked the thirteenth in my class. ” I said fearfully. Miss. You are ranked thirteenth. This is the first time. Don’t you have any shame? As the eldest child in the family, you should get good scores to show a good example to your brother and sisters. ” My father said angrily. “Since you are so lax about exams after getting your laptop, I’m taking it back. ” My father said with finality. I Just stood there, dumbfounded.

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My mother gave her old laptop to me as a present for doing well in the finals last year. Now my father wanted it? I looked at my mother for help but she Just shook her head. I ran to my room, put my laptop in my father’s study and then I locked myself inside my room again. I should never cry, I told myself. I tried to smile but I failed miserably. The cat is already out of the bag. My parent’s were so disappointed in me. My crush did not like me. I really felt like crying because I felt so inferior. I used to be an A student in all my classes and my rank was never below ten.

However, my graded dropped and a girl managed to beat me. Jenny is the first girl to beat me in my class. I never felt so humiliated. I should be happy for her. No wonder my crush likes her, besides being nice and feminine, she is also the smartest girl in the class. She managed to strip off that title from me. I should be happy for her. I did not realize it but tears were streaming from my eyes. It is so painful but she is my friend. I should be happy for her. I nearly broke down but I caught a glimpse of colored paper under my table.

I picked it up and read it. “Cassia, you are a star. Face problems and never run away. Remember, where there is white and black, there is also gray so it is alright to do things your way. Believe in yourself and shine bright like a diamond. ” I remembered that I wrote it after winning the drama competition last year as a motivation for myself in the future. I wiped my tears and smiled. I am right. I should believe in myself. I am a star after all. I know that I am quite childish but I also know that I am a rational and thoughtful girl when I wanted to be one.

I am right. I should face my problems. I could start by apologizing to my parent’s and doing my revision. I also decided to support Jenny. I am a star and I am going to shine brighter than before. My phone rang. I picked it up. “Hello Cassia, are you okay? ” Lisa asked me. “l am feeling on the top of the world. ” I told her happily. There was a slight pause. “l know you are going to ask me how I suddenly become so optimistic. ” I said, looking at the paper I held tightly in my hand, “well, that is easy. I did it my way! “