We should serve humanity simply because there is no other better activity in this world to reach down and lift up other people. One should remember that God always gaze over us because he gave us this life to make a difference – 1% difference for oneself and 99% for the rest. The adage goes- “Charity begins at home. ” We must shower love and happiness to our dear ones. We should express our gratitude to our parent’s. We should help our grandparent’s with the little things like cleaning, folding their clothes, by reading hem etc. E should participate in tithe giving programmers. God dwells in children. Children need love and we should be always at a clarion call to offer that. Happiness is flutter off bird, rivulets of dewdrops and blessing of an old aunt. I feel gaiety when my mother pats my back at my efforts radiating progress. I am at cloud nine when I get what I want than what I have. My spirits are transported to seventh heaven when I am being loved. I feel Jovial when I give a laughing bone to my family and mends.

. The endeavourers of are inimitable. Her name is read with a proud and steeled glance in history. Her story is a remarkable one- a story of courage and charity. She traveled all over the world and gave lectures about her life. She made people think differently, on a positive note, about themselves or their disabilities. She did much fundraising for the blind and as a result, was well respected by blind people all over he world.

As they say friends and play makes an unbeatable combination of fun. Once my friends and I were playing outside our apartment. An active happened to pass by then. A lady in her mid ass tumbled down and bruised her hands gravely. The biker hit and ran. L, along with my friends helped the lady to get up. I offered her a glass of water and band-aided her. She bade us good bye and blessed me and my friends. Helping others is the best gift one can offer .

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It goes like as breath for life so service to humanity. It is one of the aspect that one has to emulate in his/her life. The art of giving sprouts up when a man seeks God in himself. When a person is altruistic, he NAS won anal a combat to elite. Dwells in every human. So why not otter a helping hand to the needy and make the God inside us happy. So, sow the seeds of service and reap the fruit of happiness. “Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others. “