How to Inspire Students to become Entrepreneurial I’m fortunate enough to head up an organization that exists to encourage students to become more entrepreneurial, and to consider starting their own businesses. I have a great team, and we see some really amazing young people with great ideas. I am often asked if we can really teach people to become entrepreneurs. Many people believe that the entrepreneurial attitude is innate; you either have it or you don’t. I don’t think that is true at all. I do accept that some people are ‘born entrepreneurs’.

We have all heard about people who started their first business in primary school ND became millionaires before they even left school. They often come out of ordinary circumstances, but something drove them on. These people are amazingly successful but, for every high-profile ‘born entrepreneur’, there are hundreds of people who have quietly built up a successful business from scratch. We Just don’t hear about them, unless we are lucky enough to know them . So how does E cell help students to become successful entrepreneurs, even those who might never have thought about anything other than to ‘get a good Job’ once they graduate?

We INSPIRE them. We introduce them to great people who are not only successful at what they do, but are passionate about business, almost to the point of being evangelical. We make it real, we expose them to people who are Just like them, young entrepreneurs who never thought they could run a business, but are living proof of what can be achieved in Just a few years. We BELIEVE in them. We give them opportunities to try out their business ideas in a competitive, but nurturing environment.

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We run a New Ideas competition that is simple to enter and gives them an opportunity to test out whether there is a genuine business opportunity in their idea. We encourage them to pitch their ideas, to come competent at explaining their concept, and we celebrate their achievements. We ENCOURAGE them. We run a bootlace and a range of workshops that help them to develop their ideas. We mix them up and get them talking to each other, helping them to realize that there are lots of people sharing their Journey. We SUPPORT them. We advise them and mentor them. We introduce them to others who can help them.

Most importantly, we teach them to think for themselves and to trust their own judgment. And then we with them! So do E cell activities make any difference to the number of students starting genuineness, or are we simply tapping into an existing, self selecting cohort? It’s true that at E cell, we are fortunate in attracting some of the brightest students to participate in our activities. There also is no doubt in my mind that what we are doing in provides these young people the inspiration to take the first step, and the skills they need to make their business ideas a success.

What do you think? Can people be taught to become entrepreneurial? Do post your comments and Join in the discussion. 30 Great Quotes to Inspire and Motivate the Aspiring Entrepreneur… Do you mentor or someone that you follow to help fuel your Entrepreneurial Drive? Well if you don’t, get one! – Having a mentor is a great way to keep that nave a Entrepreneurial flame alight, following in the footsteps of a successful person who has already been in your shoes and focused on their dream hard enough to make it a reality.

By following a mentor and studying the process which took them from being an ordinary person to a wealthy and successful entrepreneur, you are increasing the chances of becoming a success yourself. When looking for inspiration I often find yeses consulting Google for quotes and interesting nuggets of information that has been said by some of the world’s most extraordinary entrepreneurs. In a way it is a reminder that other people have experienced what you too are facing, and that if you are relentless when pursuing your goals, you can and will achieve them!

Today’s post is quite a fun one and if I’m honest, it was only supposed to be 15-20 quotes but I Just kept on finding such great quotes that I had to extend it to 30… … L could probably make it 50! The following is a compilation of various motivational quotes from famous entrepreneurs and are in no particular order, nor are they a definitive list of the best quotes ever. This is a list of my personal favorites and some that have helped me to focus on my goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur and internet marketer.

I am sure that you have some favorite quotes of your own and I would love to hear them – there are Just so many quotes out there that it would be impossible to define which are the best so feel free to add some of your favorites in the ‘comments’ section in Backbone. Along with each of their quotes I have also managed to give some more details on each of the entrepreneurs below, which you might find interesting. For example some of the ‘net worth’ figures below are truly staggering and really do allow you to put into perspective the kind of success that some of these guys have had – Enjoy!

Name: Steve Jobs Age: 55 (born February 24th, 1955) Occupation: Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apple Net Worth: $6. 1 billion Quote: mirror time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.