How an Artist or Group of Artists Was Influenced by the Social, Political or Historical Events Around Them. BY cascaded How an artist or group of artists was influenced by the social, political or historical events around them. Introduction. * Why this particular artist/group of artists is is of personal interest to you and what specifically will you be looking at? * How will you go about this study? It is suggested that you find three works by your chosen artist that will strongly illustrate the points you wish to make.

If the social, political or historical event affects change in the work of your artist/group of artists then it is advised that you select three artworks the first of which is done prior to any influence. This will allow you to discuss the changes that this influence brought about. 1 2001 A brief summary of your artist/ group of artists. * Provide some general information about your artist/ artists. (Do not include a lot of factual detail about their life) * What is particular about the style/approach of your chosen artist/artists? Discuss themes, style, techniques, etc. Are these different to other artist’s of the time? If so why is this the case? * Does the artist belong to an artistic movement? If so provide information about that movement. * How is your chosen focus represented generally in their work? Does the artist have a particular vision, concept or idea that they wish to communicate? * Demonstrate an understanding of any cultural context. Discuss the influence of natural, social, political or cultural environments that are appropriate, or as is more common – the influence of other artists making clear links between their work and that of your chosen artist/ artists. 00 | An analysis of the first piece of work by your chosen artist or group of artists. * What is the title of the work? What materials media have been used to make it? When was it created? What is the scale of the work? How is the composition/ structure put together? How is shape, form, line texture color, space, tone used? How do the visual elements interact, relate, contrast, balance and connect with one another? * Make personal comments about how you feel materials, processes (the way in which the artist works), stylistic influences, censuses (use of media) are used in the making of this artwork.

This might include analysis of the way an artist has applied paint to a canvas (mark-making, brush strokes), the sequence of building up layers of paint over a prepared ground, or the sequence of events involved in creating a sculpture from conceptual sketches, development of ideas to construction. Emphasis should be placed on your particular area of study and how the chosen work develops this theme. * Demonstrate an understanding of cultural context if relevant.

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This is an understanding that the artist as not created the work in isolation, but rather creates work that is shaped and influenced by the circumstance’s in which they find themselves. This might mean that discussion of the influence of natural, social, political or cultural environments is appropriate, or that – as is more common – the influence of other artists is discussed, Witt comparisons made between artwork that NAS been created in similar or tittering contexts. * How effective do you think the work is in conveying the artist’s intent?