A very good morning to my English Language teacher ,and to my fellow classmates. My oral English test presentation is entitled ‘The person I admire the most’. Hellene Adams Keller is,in my opinion one of the most amazing people at all time. She was an American author,political activist and a lecturer. She was the first deafening person to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Hellene Keller was born on June 27,1880 on a farm in Tsunami,Alabama. When she was a year and a half old she become very sick. Her parent’s were afraid that she would die. Well,she didn’t but deaf and blind.

She was left in a world with no light or sound. Can you imagine that? As a child Hellene was often become frustrated that no one understand what she wanted. Hello’s parent’s were ever worried. They had never heard of a case like Hello’s and did not know what to do. Fortunately,they learned about Annie Sullivan,a teacher of the blind who came to teach and live with seven year old Hellene. She had to teach Hellene basic things like how to eat with a fork and a knife and even how to brush her hair. At first Hellene didn’t cooperate. She hit and bit her teacher.

Soon,she dad great progress but it wasn’t enough for Annie. She wanted her to understand words so she took sign language to a different level. She would sign a letter and let Hellene feel the shape of her hands. Hellene was doing so well that shortly before her eight birthday,her teacher took her to the Perkins Institution for the blind. There she learned how to read and write in Braille. Now a whole new world was open to her. She could read books and even write letters. When Hellene was ten years old,she met a teacher who wanted to teach her how to speak.

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It took long,hard ours of practice but in the end she could speak. Life was working out for Helen but soon the ambitious 14 year old had a new goal,to go to the college. For three years she worked very hard to prepare for college. Helen was accepted to Radcliff College and graduated with honors. As Hellene got older,she began to travel around the world giving speeches. People come from afar to listen to this astonishing woman. Like any other person, Hellene had her hobbies. She like to go to horseback riding and to work in her garden. Hellene Keller died on her sleep on June 1,1968.

A few weeks before her eighty-eight birthday. Her story was told many times and has inspired many people. There are also movies about her. She was a woman of luminous intelligence,high ambition and great accomplishment who devoted her life in helping others. She stood as an example of how work and imagination can allow an individual to triumph over adversity. She inspire me to remember that nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible. This is the end of my oral presentation. Thank you for listening attentively. Hellene Keller By switchblades