Baker Bunkum 8/2013 Engle. 205 “Head, Head, and More Head: Personal analysis on Cornel West: Black Sexuality: The Taboo subject (1993) “Head, head, and more head” as Brother Luke would say. It seems to me that we African Americans, excuse me, Black Africans have lost our sense of culture and ideology behind what we believe to be our sexual nature. In return we have embodied the European and early ignorant southern racist definition of sexuality. Which has led us to being stereotyped as Hyperplasia and in lack of better words “Freaky’.

I uses this lyric snippet to breakdown and illustrate my opinion on what rooter West was saying in his masterpiece; Black Sexuality: The Taboo Subject (1993). Brother West articulates his thesis on page one where he profoundly says “My thesis is that black sexuality is a taboo subject in white and black America and that a candid dialogue about black sexuality between and within these communities is requisite for healthy race relations in America”.

Going off the notion that Brother West’s thesis is right and exact then this for both communities is highly problematic. What I believe White America has yet to accept as a reality is that by not accepting Black History then you are only telling a portion, a small portion at that, of American History. I believe that White America fails to see that Black History and American History is one of the same, sort of like Joy and pain. The two dichotomies could be used to explain the two “different” histories.

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This way of thinking plays as a major dynamic within both communities and effects the communication and the sense of truth as well as affects the inhabitants of both communities minds, souls, and bodies with this strategic systematic corrupted Jargon that our nations fore fathers built this actions foundation with. “This demythologize of black sexuality is crucial for black America because much of black self-hatred and self-contempt has to do with the refusal of many black Americans to love their own black bodies especially their black noses, hips, lips, and hair.

Just as many white Americans view black sexuality with disgust, so do many black Americans. ” Brother Cornell hit the nail on the head with his candid statement right there. Freeing our culture from all myths of our communities sexual nature would be proactive instead of buying into the ambiguous myths that most Americans detain as the truth. This includes our own people, us Black Africans cans sometimes be as bad if not worse than the oppressor which makes their Jobs Just that more elementary.

When I say we embody the European and early ignorant southern racist idea of our sexual nature I mean that by us making songs like head, head and more head, Sacra’s’ Body Party, or Wales’ Bounce it. Or indulging in lyrics that are overeducated in hyperplasia Jargon will only continue this wicked cipher which is counter pr deductive tort n tot this soon to be expended nation.