The Passing Of My Grandfather Losing my grandfather was hard on my entire family but the real struggle came after the casket closed and we said our final goodbyes. This familial event shed light on the unknown hardships that my grandfather faced before his passing. In true Roy Gained form, we as a family were still able to learn a valuable lesson from him even though he was gone. My grandfather suffered from diabetes for many years. In stature, the big strong healthy man I grew up knowing was quite the opposite the last time I saw him before his passing.

Just a year before, with only one leg and and in risk of losing the other, my grandfather was still as hilarious as ever and still quite the businessman. From the time I was young even through adulthood my grandfather always gave me money and it was always a ridiculous amount of money for someone my age and for no reason at all. He Just liked to share what he felt he was blessed with. Growing up with nothing and learning how to survive with only an 8th grade education, money was very important to him. For many years he managed his money perfectly and owned a very successful paint company in the diddle of Brooklyn.

In my eyes he was a true rags to riches story and actually the first millionaire I had ever met personally. As he got older he became more and more tight lipped about his business affairs and left everyone in the dark regarding his personal finances. I flew into New York City the day of the funeral and it was very bitter sweet to meet up with my siblings and my parent’s for the first time in months. Sweet because as a family we always have such a good time when we meet up and very bitter because we knew my grandfather was no longer with us.

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The funeral was dutiful and the in attendance were many people who expressed an outpouring of love toward my grandfather and many told stories of times when he gave them money or took them to eat. The common ground with everyone at the funeral was how giving my grandfather was and as nice as it all sounded it made me think, how many of them were as giving to him, especially when he got sick and lost everything. It still breaks my heart that the man who was a self made millionaire and spared no expense to help anyone in need, died penniless and unable to even care for himself in his last months.

It wasn’t until after the funeral that my dad revealed to us Just how serious all of this really was and how important it is to keep financial records to help out those who will have to pick up the pieces once you’re gone. He also reminded us that when trouble arises, you stand tall as a family and you pick up the pieces together. I loved my grandfather and one thing I learned from him in his life and even his passing is to share and give what God has blessed me with but to also make sure I have enough to take care of my own family. Grandfather By miscellanea