Google Street View: Innovation of Traveling A girl walked along the footpath and looked for the destination of her friend’s house. She never been in that area before, but somehow the surroundings look familiar that she was on the right direction. This, of course, is not her supernatural premonition power. Anyone can access that navigation power like she did with only three simply words called “Google Street View”. Not everyone enjoy the use of Google Street View.

One taxi driver shared his frustrated experience with the navigation system, ending up in wasting time and lost is direction. “People in the new generations always depend too much on technologies, which are not consistent,” he said. He also added that one of the most stable and powerful tool in the world is our brain. “All routes and shortcuts are in my brain, The Global Positioning System (GAPS) took less than 3 years in researching their route, but I took 15 years of driving experience. He refused to use the navigation system and rather suggest that human experience is the best tool for driving. “By using Street View, it will not help in finding location of my passengers,” the taxi driver explained “Because every taxi has a service center, which will pick up calls and sent information of the passengers to us. ” Google was accused of having collected the data while driving its vehicles through neighborhoods from 2008 to 2010 to collect photos for Street View. In March, Google agreed to pay $7 million to settle a probe into the matter involving 38 U.

S. States and the District of Columbia. As part of that settlement, Google agreed to destroy data collected in the United States. “It is fine that has my picture in the Google Street View because it blur my face, so no nee can identify me,” said Saucepan’s father, “But if the Google Street View shown the people identity, it would not be good for the one who is captured. ” The Google Street View can help people to go many places, and it also shows the real route and places as well.

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The Google Street View has a policy about the privacy issue. They would sensor all the car number plates and the faces of people that were captured by the computer program. Eventually, the computer program is not as effective as the humans eyes, so some people faces or car number plates were not censored. “If someone gets their aces or car number plates captured by the Google, they will need to contact the company in that country to let them whether sensor his face or any other ways to fix the problem,” said Dry.

Ratchet Peachiness, a professor of Faculty of Science and Technology, Computer Science Division, Thames University. Google street view helps many people to see the area before they are actually going. Also, it is verifying the location to the destination where the users want to go, but still not sure about actually location. “l have heard that Google street view has caught images of police busting people in their criminal activities. It somehow might help police doing their duty,” Dry.

Ratchet Peachiness said, “l really think that it can be an advantage for anyone as it is a source of information that everyone can access and use it in different usefulness term. ” Google Street View can help human in finding unknown location, see the actual location, and verify if the map is correct. Technology is essential in today’s world. It is fast and convenience to many people. To those who complain Google Street View about their privacy, why don’t you change your perspective to be more optimistic? Maybe someday, you would know how Google Street View can benefit you.