Evaluation of working practice In the beginning of my controlled assessment, I was authorized a task to set up folders and suborders. The folders were in a default format of numbers ranging 1-10. I came up with a final decision that I had to rename the folders in order to specify the folder names for myself and also for anyone else. I had to rename most of my files including external files. This created problems in my representation as I had to relocate files to their address bars.

Throughout my assessment I accidental deleted a couple of external files which I was not able to redo . Luckily I had backed up y geese cit folder on an external device so I was able to drag any file or folder I needed. Throughout my 22 and a half hour controlled assessment I had 3 hours a week. I completed my controlled assessment wisely and accordingly with the time I was given. Suitability and effectiveness of the features analyses I was told we were assigned to compare 2 different websites.

It was difficult finding the differences not looking at the similarities. The purpose, house style and the audience. I decided to choose the new era website and the apple website in which I can pick out many differences and similarities. I considered that the 2 websites are eatable to compare and contrast. I also had gained information on the size and type of the images on the websites. Tools and techniques used I had planned and decided how my Powering would look like.

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Vive used a dark grey and a sky blue color so is stands out and has a professional and clear effect on the presentation. The aim of the presentation is to persuade and explain the New Year 7 what the school have to offer and why they should come to kings Heath Boy School. On my Powering Vive used a master slide and put a navigation bar on the right which is hyperlinked so it links to my other pages on the Powering.