Louisa Amour A. Laguna Ill – Lube October 03, 2012 Unique in an Insulting Way What is “badly? ” Well, it actually refers to a person who dressed weird. This is the kind of tag to those persons who has an out of this world fashion statement. It is also a kind of insult and humiliation. It can also be a factor for bullying. How will you know if you’re “badly? ” So I set up some standards for “badly. ” “Badly’ can also be associated to those persons who came from provinces.

They’re somewhat connected cause those who came from provinces doesn’t know the latest trends or fashion statements of urban people. Rural people tend to wear “purporting,” “camas,” and “bake. ” But not all rural persons are “badly. ” Some can blend well to the fashion statement of urban people. Well, my first standard for being “badly’ is a person wearing a “abstain” pants. It really looks “badly’ because pants are meant to cover the whole legs not Just a quarter of it.

Second, those persons who are wearing bright- lore or rainbow-colored dresses and long sleeves. That fashion statement is so ass. We’re now in the year 2012 so better use the fashion statement of this year. Third, those girls who are wearing headbands with big ribbons. It really looks “badly’ because you look like a gift with a ribbon on top. That fashion statement is also so ass. Last, those persons who wears there Jewelry box for Just one occasion. Let’s take Amelia Marco’s as an example. She looks “badly’ right?

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Let’s Just stick to the saying that “less is more. Being “badly’ is not a sin but it can make you out of place. Well, it’s not your fault that you dress like that. Maybe you were influenced by your surroundings and when you go to other places that fashion statement is not acceptable or maybe you are Just stuck from the past. Sometimes being “badly’ can individualize you from other people. It makes you unique in an insulting way. So if you think you passed my standards, better be ready to search the web or magazines for the latest fashion trend of the year.