How did you feel while you were going around the community? What things did you learn that you might have taken for granted before? I felt unaware of some things happening in the community which are affecting the lives of the pupils. I learned the importance of good communication with the government and other linkages to resolve the issues concerning the issues of the school. I also learned that community has many functions to promote the common goal which is quality education.

Eve now that community is a source of student curriculum based learning. You really need to seek assistance form them to make your plan come to realization. 2. As a future teacher, what do you think will be your role in the community? Teachers serve as not only educators, but also mentors and role models especially in the modern world, where values such as respect for elders, sharing, and cooperation among peers are not always taught in the home. Young students look to their teachers when determining how to interact as adults.

So I think I will be paying different roles. Also I will make sure to link the community and school. I want them to work hand in hand to achieve one goal which is to promote learning. 3. How will you encourage more community participation among teachers and students? First I will teach them the importance in community participation among teachers and students. Then I’ll show examples and good result of this connection. I will do my best to inculcate in their mind that imagination and creativity in using community resources can help students.

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