Assess how own attitudes, values and behavior could impact on work with children | 4. 2. 4. Describe the importance of promoting anti-discriminatory practice in work with children | 4. 1. 2 Describe the importance of supporting the rights of all children to participation and equality of access | 4. 2. 5. Describe how to challenge discrimination. Introduction – describe own background and attitudes how this could affect the children you work withier a couple of examples from own oversimplifications – say why it’s important not to discriminate I Extension:lunged a quote I

It would be very discouraging for children to be subjected to discriminatory beliefs that are held by either myself or other teachers for example my cousin wanted to be a ballet dancer when he was a child but after teasing from other members of the family suggesting that dancing is only for girls and gay men he did not continue to attend classes. This was something that he regrets as it was a dream of his and now he has grown up he wishes he had been encouraged to dance. By taking any of families or, friends or even my own beliefs in to school is unfair on the children I am here to support.

They could be made to feel that if because of their background or who they are meaner they cannot aspire to be what they want to be so will not reach to achieve their full potential. As with another example my father-in-law is sexist and believes that a woman’s place is in the home cooking, cleaning and looking after the children and if I was to take that to school with me I could treat the girls differently dismissing their work and only encouraging the boys, giving the girls the false idea of they are not good enough.

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For example: “Both men and women teachers have low expectations of girls intellectual skills’ since it is thought that girls are inherently less intelligent than boys” (www. Right-to-education. Org)The support I give the children should be fair and equal in order for every child to feel safe, an equal part of society and that they are worthwhile.

Each child should feel that their opinions count and that they have a voice that should be heard, they should not feel excluded or feel that they can exclude any other person because their race, religion, background, sex as this can affect their self-esteem, their confidence and will in turn effect their learning s proved by Jane Elliot in the “brown eyed-blue eyed experiment” (The Eye of The Storm) in 1968 where the children wearing the collar (to show they were the lesser pupils) took longer than they did the day before when they weren’t wearing the collars in a card pack reading practice.

The children had low expectations of themselves and their body language changed (they looked shrunken into themselves). To challenge discriminatory behavior there are many different methods that could be used for different types of discrimination for example if I heard a child Ewing racist, calling each other names such as “pack” I would go to them straight away and say: ” Excuse me children I heard what you Just said why are you calling each other names¦ We don’t use language like that at school how do you think that has made Ron tell. At do you think would rig NT thing to say to him”. Let is my responsibility and I am legally obliged as a T. A to challenge any kind of discriminatory behavior. If there were problems in the playground at lunchtime when the boys were excluding the girls from football at lunchtime I could make changes to the laggardly so I would have an assembly to explain to the children why they would be having a week plan for the use of the football area and it would be as follows: Monday: Girls only netball.

Tuesday:Boys only football. Wednesday: Mixed netball. Thursday: Mixed football. Friday: Something completely different, a team building game to get them working together. After this I would find from them what has worked well and what hasn’t. Elf children in year were sending offensive emails I would use the computer to suite to get them to research the consequences of their actions which they will then present to the class or in assembly.

This would give them an insight into how such behavior can affect the victims, they would also be made to apologies to the person or people they were harassing. I In conclusion by not administrating we give every child the same opportunities and support them equally, every child has the same right to an education no matter their background, race, religion, sex or disability. Children will have confidence in who they are and will be more productive in the classroom. I I Excellent and thoughtful answer. This also covers 4. 2. 5 – Just add this at the top of the page. SJ 4. 3. 13