Cushman Sings. Professor Calliope Pappas Civilization 1 Red September 15, 2013 Civilization 4-page essay don’t know title I’ll be talking about how Galoshes, Odysseus, and Oedipus fulfill their role as an epic hero. Secondly I’ll talk about how they compare to each other. Thirdly what the heroes do right according to their traditions. What do they wrong and why do they do it. Why does Odysseus succeed as hero while the other heroes fail in the key way? What makes Oedipus a “tragic” hero? I’ll talk about if we can blame Oedipus for his failures n personal flaws, mistakes, chance, fate, or a mix of factors.

Ill also talk about what statement Sophocles seems to be making about reverence in Hellenic society. Oedipus is an epic hero because he was a strong, powerful, part god, and was stronger than any king alive. He was a hero who showed skill and intelligence throughout his lifetime. Shillelagh’s friendship with Unkind show s his loyalty to people that show respect for his city and for himself. He shows his bravery and strength by fighting Human the monster and returning homely safely without an injury.

Which is not a simple task and no ordinary person would be able to do. He also shows his superior fighting skills when he makes the god Sister mad who tells Ann. to release the mighty bull. He has to kill the bull because the bull is destroying the city and Galoshes wants to help his people. Since the bull is doing that he slays it. The bull was no ordinary bull, but still Galoshes is still able to slay it. He was a true leader because he was willing to die for his kingdom. Galoshes has proved to be a hero because he shows all the characteristics of an epic hero

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