It was only a matter of time before social networking had gained so much attention that we would evolve this tool into a goldmine for businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their passions. Social networking clearly has an array of benefits; some would argue that social networks should be for individuals only, but users like me find that including businesses in social networking is an outstanding tool for Judging reputation, finding out about new products and services, and giving free branding and advertising to entrepreneurs.

It is important to open the minds of people in the immunity that are not already taking advantage of these tools and to change the minds of those who think that this is all about corporate advertising. When a consumer is first looking for a product or service they typically want to know some background information about a company before going forward and hiring them or buying their merchandise. Personally, I think everyone should read up on the credentials of a company prior to giving them any money.

What better way to find out about an organizations reputation than visiting a website like Faceable or Linked In here people from all over the world and even your friends can share the past experiences they have had with a particular business. If you are a client, what better way to have constant engagement with a business than a Faceable page or Twitter account stacked with up to date news and information that you can give feedback on. If you’re a company, what better way to monitor and manage your reputation and further engage with your customers?

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There doesn’t seem to be a better way to do business than to have thousands of people contributing and challenging each other. Let’s talk about information on products and services; being a consumer there is a lot of information that you may need to know after making a purchase. How about things like recall updates, warranty issues, release dates, event dates, upgrades and new products? Social networks can help you with anything from waiting for a release date of your favorite new bands CD to watching a how-to tutorial video on how to use the product you Just bought.

Are you starting to see how including businesses in social networks is becoming a more useful tool than may have you imagined? Again, the endless amount of information, education and training in all different formats that can be included in these social networks can only be seen as a benefit for both the business and the individual consumer. What about the entrepreneurs? People like you and me who are trying to cut costs and grow our business. Think about the opportunities that arise when you have the ability to advertise and create a database of customers and people interested in your business at no extra cost. Web 2. Is a term that is being used to describe all of the social networking applications that are taking over the internet. (Daniel Burrs, 2010) After realizing how beneficial this could be to businesses the term Business 2. 0 was born. This is used to describe the social networking of businesses on the internet. For example, some companies are now using a privatized internal version tot Faceable to increase their employee’s networking and collaboration. This is also occurring with Twitter; some businesses adopting the business 2. 0 model have all of their employees set up Twitter accounts so their business is like a constant mobile tenting. Daniel Burrs, 2010) What a great way to keep your employees engaged and involved. Some companies are even using a password protected private Youth account for the training and education of all their employees. Business 2. 0 is the next generation of social networking and should be embraced by both the company and the individual. Now that you know the benefits of social networking I must inform you of a few downfalls. Firstly, be prepared to deal with any negative comments that might come from unsatisfied individuals; you don’t want people seeing your business embarked with hate mail.

This goes for your personal identity as well. There are a number of instances where business owners will screen through their resumes on Faceable Just to see the personal lives of someone that could potentially work for them. I think that this ridiculous but you must be warned and make sure you put in place the proper privacy settings to avoid this situation. The same goes for customers that can see your employee’s profiles and might make a bad decision towards your reputation based on their media or writing.

Social Networking can also be very castrating and these websites have some of the highest click through rates out of any websites on the internet. (Dan Charley, 2010) If you are using social media, be sure that the person who is in charge of monitoring it is not distracted by images and ads displayed throughout these websites. There may be a few things to be aware of when it comes to social networking being mixed with business but with the proper precautions and the willingness to take things head on, any of these issues can be dealt with accordingly. There’s no doubt the benefits of social networking out-weigh the problems.

With the proper education and awareness to how things work online anyone and everyone can reap the benefits. A good person or business has nothing to hide, the sooner you embrace this media properly you will boost your business and extend your market reach. On the personal side of things there is no easier way to keep track of all of your friends and people you have met over the years than a website like Faceable. This is the new age; Social networking applications are the most used platforms across the world and people would be silly not to take advantage of such a free Irvine.

I hope I have helped you understand the benefits of using social networking for your personal lives and your business. I wish you happy networking and I will see you online 🙂 Reticence Burrs, Daniel, (2010, July). Social networks can boost your business. SHE Today, 3(7), 56-56. Charley, Dan, (2010, December). Social media could be harming your company. SHE Today, 2), AD-AD. Rowe, Jeff, (2009, October). Social networking an imperative for success, business told: about 3000 expected at vista business expo. North Country Times(Escondido, CA)