Computer is an electronic device that birthed all other electronic appliances which makes it an everyday word in our language. One can hardly discuss an area of human endeavourer without the possibility of its computerizing. Therefore, computer has gradually crept into human life and taken over the total control of its system.

No bout, computerizing has its advantages in relation to human existence. For instance, one cannot over-emphasize the fact that computerized system at any field of study reduces stress and minimize error possibilities when properly maintained. Hence, the need for the researcher to define computerizing in respect to its project according to the Advanced Learner Dictionary is of utmost importance. Computerizing is then said to be the provision of computers to do the work of something.

It is also said to be the act of bringing computer system into use to intro operation or mode of operation in an organization. Thus, Computerizing of the billing system which the subject matter herein is therefore the act of introducing computer system into operation with all its facilities into the P. H. C. N electric charges bill processing. After thorough findings carried out by me, it was established that the most challenging problem facing the P. H. C.

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N as regards manual billing is the time it takes o manually process electric charges consumed by individual and corporate bodies before charges are eventually allotted to its end users. Going from house to house to manually take records of electric units consumed by every home can be frustrating because it involves heavy labor. Due to these manual billing processes which are mostly processed in batches promotes error in the output and takes a lot of time to deliver bills to its end users. Therefore, it will be very unwise not to consider automated billing system which is liable, more accurate and timely.

Individual customers can easily determine their charges on the go and also enable them maximize the electric power units subscribed by them. In the contrary, manual billing does not give room to customers to properly monitor their monthly charges or caution power consumption rate that is alarming in this day and age. In addition, the manual billing system involves huge capital at the expense of the of Nigeria which is eventually taken out from its consumers. J