Over Relying on Social Media Have you ever spent more than 2 hours checking your social media? Nowadays, a majority of people, especially teenagers use social media almost all the time. Thus, social media in today’s world has become a part of people’s daily lives and people use them to update their lives, find new friends or maintain the relationships with their old friends and family.

However, the overbalance on social media is having a negative effect on the way people socialize because it makes people waste their time, it affects relationships between people in the real world, and it causes people to have a robber with their writing skills. First of all, people who over rely on social media waste almost all of their time on their computers or smartness. It is easy to go online and check our social media, especially on smartness, which gives us a very easy function that takes less than 1 minute to go online and they improve it to be easier and more convenient all the time.

Because of its ease and convenience, people go online and check their social media very often. Even though it takes less time to go online, it takes more time to explore in the online world. When you start, it is hard to stop because you cannot intro your curiosity. In the article, “Confessions of an Instant Messenger,” Condor Bollard claims that instant messaging is like a snowball, it will become bigger and bigger, and when you notice, you are not able to stop. This seems to be undemanding, but it makes you have no time to study, work or do other things.

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For example, I am addicted to social media. I always check my social media on my phone before doing my homework, going to shower and going to sleep and it always makes me go to bed late because I spend more than 2 hours on it. It seems like it is not hard to stop this bait, but when it really happens, you are unconscious of it. Second, over using social media affects the relationships between people in the real world. When people feel that they know a lot about others from Backbone and Twitter, they do not want to know them anymore.

Social media creates the world in which everybody can contact others and show their emotions by writing on their pages all the time. As a result, writing too much about yourself and daily life in your social media will make others learn a lot about you, but they may lose interesting in you. For instance, my friend, Ann, was sick, and she tweeted about her sickness on re Twitter and posted her pictures on Backbone and Instating, and she updated almost every hour. Almost all of her friends on Backbone, Twitter and Instating posted many comments in her pages.

However, I did not see that any of her friends wanted to go to see, talk and stay with her. In my opinion, it is sad that she has a lot of friends who wrote comments to her online life, but no one wanted to see her in the real life. Thus, this example showed me that the social media affects the relations between people in the real world. I also have another example, which happened with e about my relationship with my friends after I used social media too much. Two years ago, when I Just graduated from the university, I spent almost all of my time in front of my computer because at that time I had nothing to do except wait for a Job.

I wasted my time by looking at my friends’ Passbooks. I read and commented on all the things that my trends posted on their pages. I tell like I was continually getting closer to them more and more. However, this feeling made me happy with my life in front of the computer. I felt that I did not want to go out to see and hang out with them anymore. This happened to me for a month until my close friend, Cloy, told me that she had not seen me for more than a month and she thought that we should meet.

Her words helped me to realize that I should have my real life not only the life in front of the computer. So, I gave that life up and tried to spend more time outside with my friends and family. Third, people have a problem with their writing skills when they depend on social media too much. Using social media lets people post and comment all the time. Therefore, it makes people try to create short words to save their time which make it ore convenient for them to type. In contrast, the short words, which the new generation created, may make their writing skills become worse.

In the article, “Twitter as Newsweek,” Art Silverberry states, “Twitter is anti-democratic. It helps create a young generation that not only cannot spell but is also incapable of examining the implications of ideas, challenging information, and thinking independently. ” So, in addition to social media making teenagers not spell words correctly, which is an important skill for writing, other skills such as thinking by your win, critical thinking and investigative the insinuations of ideas are also essential for writing.

Silverberry declares that the young generation is incapable of using these skills well. Furthermore, many people start to write a formal essay or paper, which was assigned by their teacher or professor, by using informal words or the words which they use for chatting with their friends. For example, I saw my friend using “r” instead of “are” while writing an email to his professor. That made me feels strange. I don’t like the way he wrote even though I know it will happen more increasingly in he future. Some people believe that using social media can help them make more friends.

In the article, “I’m so Totally, Digitally Close to You,” Clive Thompson argues that Backbone and Twitter make the users think that they are not lonely, and following some strangers for a couple months lets them no longer feel like strangers. It might be true that social media such as Backbone and Twitter can help people make more friends. However, the people whom we call “friends” in social media are not truly our friends in the real world. We Just know their names, their pictures and whatever they cost on their pages. On the contrary, we rarely have the time for face to face relations these days.

This is a very significant thing because humans always require “real” relationships in the real world. Like my example above, where I talked about my friend who was sick and none of her social media friends wanted to see her. These are not real friends and real relations. So, it is nothing to have a thousand online friends whom you have never met. Having only 10 friends who are always with you is better. In summary, it is okay to use social media to follow the trend, stay up to date, and understand the people in this and next generations.

However, people in this and next generations should not rely on using social media too much to the point that they cannot control it because over relying on social media has negative effects on the way people socialize. Moreover, they should use it to get benefits, try to take advantage of it, and create their own elite in which they can manage a g virtual life and the real life. References 1 . Bollard, Condor. “Confessions of an Instant Messenger. ” “Twitter as Newsweek. ” 3. Thompson, Clive. “I’m so Totally, Digitally Close to You. ” balance be 2. Silverberry, Art.