Diagnostic Essay What interests me about crime, youth, and society? The answer is a bit complicated. Most crime is cause by the ignorance and need of the less fortunate youth. Which is currently in the spot light of today’s society. Look around, watch the news. Crime is everywhere. It is a simple fact of life in the 21st century. So, theoretically, I have no choice but to be interested and even intrigued by it. Today’s youth is something that the 20th century never saw coming. Although today’s challenges for the youth are more or less equal.

Youth today has life a little ore easy than youth in the sass’s. Back then life was about surviving. Today, its about whose wearing what, or whose going to the most parties and whose the most popular. This is why Youth interest me so much. Crime, its a way of life for some and something accidental for others. For the majority of the human race, crime is almost inevitable. Our young and impressionable youths like to look up to rap stars like chains. Mr.. Chains sold drugs on the street to get where he’s at. I believe there to be a grey area there in our society because its a balance between surviving and being a punk on the street.

I find hat incredibly interesting. Society, the make up of our human moral values. Our peoples collected cultures and rights. This is our life, society is you, society is me. If society wants to abolish slavery, it gets done away with. If society wants to prohibit the use and sale of alcohol, we can do that. This is what truly interest me about society. This semester, I want to further my interest in our special topics by learning more about them in hopes of uncovering new mysteries. I specifically chose this course because I loved the idea of studying for something that I had already had a fairly profound interest in. By cotyledon

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