Caffeine Crazed! The thin mound of rewarding foam that separated my lips from that first sip of scorching hot coffee mimics a snow capped mountain that I could hold in the palm of my hand. This 16 ounce cup of deep brown coffee altered in color by the rich off white creamer making it a smooth caramel tint packed a powerful punch, when I know I’ll be going for unforgiving amount of time it makes for a quick boost in the morning.

The sweet distinctive smell of ground coffee beards fills your nostrils as you bring the cup to your lips, after you have that first sip and get down to the best part, he sweet, salty, sour, bitter taste of long awaited coffee the flavors dance across your taste buds like a never ending waltz, not only are you filling your mouth with sensational taste you’re also getting a kick while staying mentally engaged for longer periods of the day! I pop off the lid to reveal the cavity harvesting sugary heap of frothy artificially sweetened foam that enveloped my mouth. I grudgingly down a sip of the ungodly liquid, so hot it seared my taste buds.

The unbelievable stench of over coasted coffee beards flooded my nose with a nauseating scent, I swirl it around in attempt to mix the bold, tart coffee tasting like stale coffee beards the rhythmic dance performance that was once going on came to a drastic halt. After a few hours of plowing through my day, I subconsciously start to yawn, little did I know it was the coffee coming back to bite me in the butt thinking I would one-up the laws of nature by drowning my sleepiness in a 16 ounce cup of generically overpriced coffee that I could make at home on my Kerri, saving me money and satisfying my taste for quality.

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